Publish Student Work with Scribblitt: Online to Hardcover Books

Digital storytelling is a topic that I’m passionate about and there are fantastic tools to get students writing on mobile devices.  Scribblitt provides tools to young authors like Story Starters to get the creative juices flowing and a Planning Tool to help with the writing process.  Kids can access a unique Illustration Tool to create professional images. There […]

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Capture Student Work with Seesaw App – The Learning Journal

 I’m very excited about the new learning journal Seesaw app which can help teachers and parents connect with students and keep track of their school work.  Seesaw is a simple way for students as young as 5 to independently document what they are learning at school.  It empowers students to take more ownership of their learning. Seesaw app gives parents a personalized, up-to-date window of what their […]

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