project based learning

Tips for Project-Based Learning in Elementary & Middle School

As a professional development facilitator myself, I spend lots of time working with teachers and students. Whether in workshops or side-by-side in classrooms, a popular topic of conversation PBL. Specifically, how to create a classroom environment for project-based learning. So I’m always on the lookout for tips for project-based learning to share with educators. I […]

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Cashtivity: An Online Platform for PBL Classrooms

In a project-based learning (or PBL) environment students explore a topic by solving a problem.  Earlier this summer I shared Cashtivity, a free online platform for PBL Classrooms. It can help students run their own business.  It provides kids with the tools they need to brainstorm. They can make decisions about running a business while working […]

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TinyTap Insights: Analytics for Teachers

Earlier this year I shared TinyTap, a fantastic creation tools for teachers and students.  They’ve just launched Insights, a data management tool to leverage your favorite TinyTap lessons into quantifiable teaching resources. TinyTap was can give analytics for teachers. Now teachers have the power to create interactive lessons for students. They now give teachers the tools to see real-time […]

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