problem based learning

How to Support Problem-Based Learning with Augmented Reality

Problem-based learning has a place in all subject areas and grade levels. Although learning experiences can vary based on these factors, augmented reality can play a role. In this blog post, I’ll share more information on PBL. You’ll also hear about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the augmented reality tool 3DBear. The Center for […]

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NASA Research Challenge for Students

Creativity in the classroom can take many forms, and I’m super excited to share this special collaboration! Adobe Spark is partnering with the NASA OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Promotion and Research Challenge (NASA OPSPARC) this school year. If you haven’t heard of this challenge before, it’s a fantastic opportunity for students to problem solve and think […]

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Cashtivity: Bring Entrepreneurship Education to Your Classroom

Entrepreneurship education provides students with an introduction to skills that can be applied in the real world.  By engaging in tasks that connect to their everyday life, students will see a purpose for the math instruction, group work, and presentation skills that are woven throughout K-12 curriculum.  Cashtivity is a fantastic, free online tool for teachers looking […]

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