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How a Transparent Light Board Can Transform Your Classroom

Does a transparent light board have a place in your classroom? Whether you are teaching in a face-to-face environment or at a distance, there is a new tool to help you reach your students. With a quick setup, eGlass can take the simple action of writing on board to model a concept to the next […]

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3 Public Speaking Apps: Helpful Tools for Students

Speaking to groups large and small can be a challenge for students of any age.  Children who are well prepared are bound to be more confident when a public speaking assignment comes their way.  Technology tools can support students as they work on their speeches and practice speaking aloud.  These Public Speaking Apps are perfect […]

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Buncee for Student Creations on iPads

Buncee is a web based creation tool. It makes it simple for students to create anything. From digital stories and multimedia research reports, to interactive presentations and holiday cards, the possibilities are endless. Buncee Creation Tool Using buncee’s digital creation canvas, you and your students can easily complete creative online projects by combining personal media, Buncee […]

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