Transform Worksheets Into Interactive Online Activities for Students

This post is sponsored by TeacherMade. All opinions are my own.  How can you turn passive learning into a more active and interactive experience? More students are working online than ever before and more teachers are looking at ways to use classroom technology. There are lots of ways to rethink your traditional learning experiences. Today, […]

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Printables and PDFs on the Web for Reading, Math & More

I know how challenging it can be to find the perfect resource to support students as they build English Language Arts and math skills. You might be looking for a practice activity for your whole class, a small group, or just a select number of students who need extra help or enrichment. The folks at Super Teacher Worksheets […]

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Make Your Own Flashcards!

Synopsis is a completely free iPad app for students that lets users create notes by highlighting different sections of a PDF document.  Kids can then modify the notes they have created by adding their own text. Synopsis gives kids the power to summarize any text so they won’t need to go back to a PDF document to study material.  Each individual note can […]

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