online learning

Just Two Recommendations for New Online Learning Initiatives

This is a bonus episode with recommendations for new online learning initiatives and definitely different than what I typically put out. If you are a regular listener of the podcast, you know that I put out new episodes every Tuesday morning with strategies and EdTech tips for helping make EdTech easier in the classroom. Apple […]

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Space Station Academy Virtual Mission for Students

Do you want to send your students on a space mission? Engaging students in the STEM classroom can include a variety of strategies. Making connections to experiences and careers outside the classroom is a great way to show students their coursework in action. As we prepare students to solve the challenges of both today and […]

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ESL/ELD Digital Courseware by Teacher’s Discovery

Digital resources can support students who are learning English as a second language.  Voces® ESL/ELD Digital Courseware by Teacher’s Discovery is a complete digital resource. The organization is like a traditional textbook. But there are extra digital features, like video, audio, and automatic grading. In addition to their courseware, Voces also offers US History, Introductory Spanish, […]

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