High School Current Events Articles with Teacher Resources

Students of all ages benefit from learning about current events in the classroom. Introducing students to high-interest, relevant text goes beyond preparation for English Language Arts skills. You can help prepare students for the world of today and tomorrow with access to current events and skill building around critical thinking and evaluating sources. Readers today […]

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News-O-Matic News Articles for Kids on Computers & Chromebooks

This month I’ve visited a handful of elementary schools looking to use iPads and Chromebooks effectively in English Language Arts instruction.  News-O-Matic has been one of my favorite iPad apps to share with elementary school teachers.  I’m excited to announce that News-O-Matic news articles for kids is now available on new platforms. You can now […]

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News-O-Matic for Kid-Friendly Current Events

Sharing current events with students is so important but it is often challenging to find appropriate content for elementary schoolers.  News-O-Matic is a daily newspaper for kids available on both iOS and Android devices (the app will soon be available on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets).  It provides engaging nonfiction text for  young readers to help them learn about the […]

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