musical performance

Piano Companion Music Theory App for Students

Can an app help students learn music theory? When the team behind Piano Companion reached out to me this year, I was excited to learn more about their musical mobile app. Designed to help songwriters, producers, teachers and their students, this dynamic music theory app might just have a place in your classroom! Piano Companion […]

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Music Memos Easy Recording & Sound Mixing on iPads

Music Memos is a super cool iOS app full of features for users of all ages. With this iPad and iPhone app students can record ideas for songs with a simple tap of their screen. Built into this app are virtual band members who let users hear their tunes with a drummer and bass player on backup. […]

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Hands-Free Tablet Stand from Calloway House

Technology has become an important part of today’s classrooms. Many teachers, administrators, and students are incorporating the use of new programs, apps, audio, and visual resources into learning. The popularity of these new methods and programs for teaching and engaging with students has paved the way for iPad and tablet use in the classroom. Looking […]

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