English Language Arts Media-Rich Curriculum from StudySync

StudySync® is a media-rich curriculum for middle and high school educators.  It uses the power of digital tools to offer a variety of media that speaks to the way students interact with the world.  It also includes video introductions and modeling of topics as well as social media-like critical thinking exercises. Media-Rich Curriculum Designed for students in grades 6-12, StudySync® […]

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Vibby: Highlight, Share & Discuss Any Video

Video clips in school? You bet! Using video in the classroom is a great way to build background knowledge and engage students.  Vibby lets teachers quickly locate and play the parts of a video clip that are most relevant and helpful for their students.  Instead of skimming to the “right” moment of a clip, Vibby lets teachers […]

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Video Resources for Students from OpenEd Online Library

Earlier this year I shared OpenEd, an online educational resource library for K-12 students. It is a video resources for students. OpenEd offers over a million assessments and homework assignments. There are also videos, instructional games and lesson plans. This is available for every Common Core Math and English/Language Arts Standard as well as the Next […]

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