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App Builder for Educators with No Coding Experience Necessary

Have you ever wanted to build an app for your school or district? There is a new, free no-code app builder that anyone can use to develop their own app. This powerful drag-and-drop app builder for educators (or anyone) lets you create custom apps for classrooms, schools, and districts. Regular readers of the blog might […]

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Quick Ideas for Getting Started with Augmented Reality

What augmented reality apps for kids can you use in your classroom? In this blog post, you’ll learn about some of my favorite augmented reality apps for students — along with quick ideas for getting started with augmented reality this school year. As I share some of these favorite EdTech tools, you’ll hear about project […]

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9 Mobile Apps for Poetry Month

With Poetry Month right around the corner, optimize the mobile tablets that are already in the hands of your students by giving them the chance to interact with poetry. Whether they become content consumers by reading their favorite poems or content creators as they write their own, iPad and Android tablets provide students and teachers […]

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