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Create and Share Student-Friendly Activities with Educaplay

This post is in partnership with Educaplay. All opinions are my own. This month, I had the chance to jump into an EdTech tool that lets teachers create and share activities with their students. When you dive into the site, you can search for lots of student-friendly activities to share with your students. In this […]

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Classroom, Inc. Literacy Games with Real World Connections

Classroom, Inc. is a nonprofit that makes literacy games and project-based activities connected to the real world.  It is for middle school and early high school students. Their content aligns to the Common Core State Standards in both reading and writing.  Classroom, Inc.’s newest game series “Read to Lead” integrates leadership skills such as critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving […]

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Literacy Apps for Stations: Games, Videos & More

Literacy apps for stations are a great use for just a handful of iPads in a classroom. Many teachers ask me what to do with just a handful of iPads. Whether you are in a second grade classroom with two iPads, or a library with five devices, you can create stations for students of all […]

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