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Transform Worksheets Into Interactive Online Activities for Students

This post is sponsored by TeacherMade. All opinions are my own.  How can you turn passive learning into a more active and interactive experience? More students are working online than ever before and more teachers are looking at ways to use classroom technology. There are lots of ways to rethink your traditional learning experiences. Today, […]

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Create Interactive Lessons and Monitor Progress Live with Stile

Stile is a power tool for creating and teaching interactive lessons.  Not only can you quickly create interactive lessons, you can also monitor progress live and provide real-time feedback, all in a single platform. Lessons in Stile include an easy drag and drop lesson builder. Teachers can choose to add a variety of content. This can include videos, […]

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Engaging Social Studies Lessons with Drawp

I’ve shared some of the reasons I love Drawp for School and this includes how easily it can be incorporated across the subject areas.  Social studies teachers love using Drawp as a way to inspire students to create multimedia bundles.  Not only do Drawp creations help students build an understanding of particular subjects and concepts, […]

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