Addressing Elementary Achievement Gaps with EdTech

Can EdTech help address issues related to elementary achievement gaps in your classroom? Educational technology tools used strategically can alter how students interact with classroom resources. In elementary classrooms, the integration of digital resources can vary greatly. They might be used with a whole group or small groups of students, or with individual students. The […]

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Reading Fluency Assessment for Elementary Students

Digital tools give educators new ways to obtain a more complete picture of students’ early literacy and reading fluency. From kindergarten, through the elementary grades, online platforms can help teachers gather information on students and design an action plan to support their growth. I’m excited to share an online reading fluency assessment designed specifically for […]

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Music-Friendly Lessons to Boost Comprehension from Lyrics2Learn

Looking to capture your students attention while building core literacy skills? You’ll want to check out the Music-Friendly Lessons from Lyrics2Learn.  This website hosts online reading centers and mini-lessons for elementary students.  Students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade can work independently through activities to strengthen comprehension and fluency.  This engaging platform can connect student interests to foundational literacy skills […]

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