Save Time with Lumin PDF Editing Software for Educators

Do you use PDF documents in your classroom? There are lots of reasons why PDFs might part of your routine. Lumin PDF offers many valuable features for educators to organize, edit and annotate documents this school year. This PDF editing software is a great fit for educational settings. To help you on your way to marking […]

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WriteLab: Strengthen Writing Skills & Provide Feedback

WriteLab is a powerful online tool built by writing teachers for students and other writing teachers. Students can upload or compose writing on any topic on WriteLab’s website and receive customized feedback. It offers immediate, neutral, non-judgmental and constructive responses to any writer’s prose. WriteLab helps students strengthen writing skills while also providing a platform for […]

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Grammarly: A Fantastic Grammar Checking Tool

If you’re look for a way to support your students as writers or simply would like an extra tool to check your own work, you’ll want to check out Grammarly.  It is an automated grammar checker web application that is already used by over four million people around the world.  Grammarly helps users detect grammar errors in their […]

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