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Are Brain Breaks Worth Classroom Time? 10 Resources To Try

Have you tried out brain breaks in your physical or virtual classroom? Today’s blog post is all about brain breaks: what a brain break is and how to use them with your students. The purpose of a brain break is more than just a pause in instruction; it can have a big impact on your […]

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8 Strategies to Level Up Your Brain Breaks — Easy EdTech Podcast 107

There are many ways to help your students refocus during class, but brain breaks can be a great way to give them a little break and allow them time for self-regulation. In this episode, you’ll learn what brain breaks are, why they work, and some activities that you can use with your class right away! […]

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Memorado for Brain Games & Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles and brain games are a great tool for supporting critical thinking skills.  They ask students to think on their feet and pay attention to details. Users must make decisions based on logic and reasoning.  Memorado is an iOS app with lots of games for users to choose from. Brain Games & Logic Puzzles […]

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