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Enrollment for the Easy EdTech Club is now closed.

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March 25, 2020

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    In 2019, I launched my new membership site the Easy EdTech Club. Hundreds of educators signed up last year and I am opening the doors back up for new members on March 25th!

    Have you thought about joining us this year?

    Important: Enrollment will only be open from March 25th to March 31st… then the doors to the club will close again. The doors to the Easy EdTech Club have been closed since September… this is the first time they’ll open up for 2020 and the only time this spring.

    I don’t want you to miss out when the doors open up in March, here’s what you can do if you’re even *a little bit* interested in learning more.

    1. Add your name to the waitlist (you might want to use a personal email instead of a school email so announcments don’t get caught in your SPAM filter): https://pages.convertkit.com/ba7a2566e8/8630701b1f

    2. Add a reminder for March 25th to your calendar.

    The Easy EdTech Club is a monthly membership designed to help educators (like you!) decrease overwhelm and increase focus, so you can tune out the noise and dive into one EdTech topic each month!

    No deadlines. Just resources.

    The Easy EdTech Club is a monthly membership where each month I release brand-new content designed for members of the group.

    Each month, there are four key items you’ll gain access to… all around one big topic:

    1. Masterclass: 30 minute video where I breakdown a big EdTech idea and share ways to make it work in K-12 classrooms; includes captions, an audio version to download
    2. Guide: a PDF document with an overview of the topic, full transcript of the masterclass, techy tasks for grade level bands (K-4, 5-8, 9-12), and cross-curricular connections
    3. Video Q&A: a recorded Q&A session where I answer questions on the topic that club members submit each month; the recordings are available on the 25th of each month and include captions and a full transcript… there is no live event to attend, you can submit all questions in advance and watch the video anytime
    4. Surprise Bonus Items: including promo codes, first looks, reading recommendations, computer wallpaper, tech-friendly quotes to tweet out, and more surprises that will vary each month!

    >>> Use this link to add your name to the waitlist ! <<<

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