Math Tools for Teachers

Teacher in need of math tools and math apps for teaching? I’ve reviewed hundreds of math apps for teachers and provide lots to insight into using Math EdTech in the classroom.

Coordinate Grid for iPads

What does it look like to use iPads in the math classroom? Geometry Pad is a fantastic free app for drawing on a coordinate plane on iPads.  Draw figures, add text and identify the points on the grid.  This app is great for teaching how to identify x and y values and creating your own polygons using […]

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iPad Protractor for Your Math Classroom

There are lots of great tools for the iPad and another to add to your list is the free Protractor app. This iPad Protractor is perfect for teaching different types of angles and a great preview for students before using the real thing.  Have students place objects or cut outs of shapes on their iPad screen to measure angles! […]

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Virtual Base 10 Blocks

It seems like all teachers who have been lucky enough to get base 10 blocks guard them closely. They’re expensive and easy to lose. In many classrooms, there’s never enough base ten sets to go around. Students can be rushed through visually understanding base ten when there aren’t enough. For digital classrooms, virtual base 10 blocks can […]

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Math Bugs for Place Value App for Students

  If you’re looking for a fun, free app for teaching place value you have to try Math Bugs.  This place value app is a great choice for students in the math classroom. If you’re students need extra support this year, this app can come in handy. Perfect for identifying place value to the thousands […]

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Pick a Student

There are so many  classroom management tools that I love and here’s another. iLEAP Pick A Student makes sure that you call on every student in your class.  Instead of the traditional coffee can full of popsicle sticks with students’ names on them, use this free app to make sure that all of your students […]

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