iPad/Laptop Use

Colorful iPad Drawing Tool for Students

Are your students drawing on iPads? If you’re looking for an iPad drawing tool there are lots of options to explore. With Drawing with Carl students can sketch on their screen, save their drawings and respond to a variety of prompts. You’ll love how easy-to-use this tool is for students of all ages. Drawing with […]

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Coordinate Grid for iPads

What does it look like to use iPads in the math classroom? Geometry Pad is a fantastic free app for drawing on a coordinate plane on iPads.  Draw figures, add text and identify the points on the grid.  This app is great for teaching how to identify x and y values and creating your own polygons using […]

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Social Studies Slogans to Make Your Own Memes

You’ve seen them in emails, on Facebook, even the Today Show features memes that have gone viral.  Students can create their own memes using Haiku Deck on their iPads. This “make your own memes” activity can be tailored to a wide range of learning goals. In the social studies classroom, you might present an exemplar […]

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