Android Apps

Vocabulary Notebook

If you’re looking for a device neutral tool for helping students study vocabulary check out Vocabulary Notebook.  Accessible through their web platform, iOS app, and Android app, Vocabulary Notebook helps kids study new words at home and in school.  Students can add words that they are learning and sort, categorize and filter them to stay […]

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Splash Math on Android!

I’ve shared some of the reasons why Splash Math is a fantastic app for elementary school students practicing math skills – and now Splash Math Grade 1 is available on Android.  With the same great adaptive assessment, scratch pad, and interactive features, this app includes thirteen chapters, all containing questions that align to the Common Core […]

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gFlash+ to Build Study Skills

Students of all ages can benefit from the study skills they’ll develop when using gFlash+ a free flashcard app for iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android devices.  gFlash+ lets users create and edit their own set of flashcards right from within the app without any limits or restrictions. You and your students can even add images from […]

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