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6 Reasons to Use Templates for Building Activities with Ormiboard

I love templates! They make it easy to get started with a new tool and I always find that templates give me a spark of inspiration when my brain might feel fried at the end of day. You may have seen an one of my posts from earlier this year on Ormiboard. This interactive lesson building tool […]

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4 Special Features of Ormiboard’s Lesson Building Tools

At the beginning of the school year I had the chance to see Ormiboard in action. This interactive lesson building tool gives educators the power to create their own awesome lessons for students. Ormiboard even lets teachers take lessons they’ve already made and convert it into an interactive experience for students. There are a lot of reasons Ormiboard is an awesome lesson building tool […]

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6 Ways to Promote Collaboration with Ormiboard Interactive Student Tool

Are you looking to promote collaboration among your students? Ormiboard is a fantastic teacher tool that gives educators the power to create their own interactive presentations for students. Not only can teachers create personalized experience for students, they can promote collaboration in everyday lessons.With Ormiboard students can work together to explore class content using this totally interactive tool. Promote Collaboration with Ormiboard […]

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