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4 Reasons to Try FrontRow’s ezRoom Classroom AV Solution

October 30, 2016

Are you looking for a way to manage your classroom AV? The team at FrontRow has just launched ezRoom for schools. It’s a tool to help amplify teacher voice and multimedia in a classroom. It has all sorts of cool features like advanced connectivity for AV control, remote management, and integration with IP-based paging and bells. ezRoom is an “everything-but-the-display” AV solution that makes it easier for teachers to present and record classroom content.

4 Reasons to Try FrontRow’s ezRoom Classroom AV Solution

  1. There is the option for totally hands-free lecture and discussion capture. Teachers literally tell ezRoom to start capturing all on-screen content and audio via voice command.
  2. ezRoom will automatically create videos for students of class lecture and discussion. It will title the video based on the subject of the lesson and post it as an mp4 for students to access it. This is great for building a library of content for a flipped classroom model or giving students resources to review outside of school.
  3. There is the ability to control visual content through voice command, a single touch panel, or software. Teacher are no longer tethered to a computer screen or have to search for a lost remote. The team at FrontRow made sure that ezRoom has put all controls into one place.
  4. ezRoom can help improve energy and student engagement in your classroom through voice and media amplification.

Since ezRoom is connected to your school or organization’s network, it does a lot more than a traditional classroom sound or AV system. When used with FrontRow’s campus-wide Conductor platform, teachers can use ezRoom to connect with the front office by saying “intercom” to start an intercom call or sending an alert that there’s a safety problem.

Visit FrontRow’s website to learn more about EZROOM!

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