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4 Reasons to Start Using NetRef This School Year

September 12, 2016

Technology tools can sometimes cause distractions in the classroom. Even when teachers have created engaging lessons with technology, students can become distracted. NetRef allows teachers to personalize the Internet access for each student or classroom. This means they can pick and choose which websites they’d like students to stay on. Then they can stop students from accessing at a certain point in the day.

There are times in the school day where you’d like students to have more control of their Internet exploration and other times when you’ll want to make sure everyone is on the same page. NetRef is an Internet management tool you will want to explore!

NetRef can also monitor website and app usage and report individual, class or school data. This is great information to demonstrate how technology tools integrate into the school day and NetRef will work on any device. This means school-owned and student-owned devices can be managed and monitored from one location

NetRef for Internet Management

  1. Give teachers the power to pick and choose how they’d like students to interact with online resources. Individual teachers can customize this experience for their classroom. Then they can decide if, how, and when they will take on the task of managing Internet use with their students.
  2. NetRef can help minimize Internet distractions in classrooms where students are off task. It can help teachers cut down on moments where students might become distracted.
  3. Since NetRef lets schools collect data on usage, it can be used to show a return on investment on device expenditures. This is super useful if you’re looking to make a case for a new technology initiative.
  4. NetRef can also increase time on task by decreasing the amount of distractions students have. You can decide how and when to control Internet access. This means you can give students lots of freedom during one part of the day and taking more control at particular moments.

Classroom management with devices intimidate teachers just starting with technology tools. NetRef provides a great option for schools looking to collect data on how devices are being used. It can help teachers create a focused instructional environment.

Learn more bout NetRef by visiting their website!

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