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10 Things You Need to Know About #ScannableTech

April 30, 2016

Scannable technology lets users connect content to places and spaces for a variety of purposes. I believe that QR codes and augmented reality can transform teaching and learning when thoughtfully integrated into instruction. This month I had the chance to share my ACES Framework for #ScannableTech integration featured in my new book for Corwin Press, Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom at the ASCD Annual Conference.

QR Codes and Augmented Reality

Here are 10 things you need to know about #ScannableTech:

  1. It’s free! Make QR codes at a website like
  2. It’s galactic! Star Walk HD is an AR app for viewing stars and constellations.
  3. It’s creative! Quiver is an AR app that brings coloring pages to life.
  4. It’s easy! QR codes are made with a copy and paste of a link.
  5. It’s colorful! You can make QR codes in different colors.
  6. It’s audible! Use a tool like Vocaroo to make QR codes talk.
  7. It’s quick! The app i-nigma is a super fast (and free) QR code scanner.
  8. It’s neutral! QR codes can be scanned with any mobile device.
  9. It’s customizable! Create your own AR experiences with Blippar or Aurasma.
  10. It’s human! Explore the human body with apps from DAQRI and Arloon.

My ACES Framework — Access, Curate, Engage & Share — helps teachers dig deeper into #ScannableTech. Whether you’re just getting started with QR codes or designing your own augmented reality experiences anyone can get started. Check out my new book for actionable tips, teacher stories, and plenty of ideas for starting small with #ScannableTech or taking it to the next level! And don’t forget to share your ideas on social media with the hashtag #ScannableTech.

Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom is now available in paperback and Kindle.

This post was originally featured on Corwin's blog - check it out here.


10 Things You Need to Know About #ScannableTech

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