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Junior Coder App to Support 21st Century Skills

February 5, 2016

The Junior Coder app supports 21st century skill development by providing students exposure and practice with computer programming skills.  The app teaches basic analytical skills, logical thinking and problem solving.  Kids will start to think about problems and solutions and how to break up big task into smaller units.  Each programming concept is introduced in a new game giving students a chance to practice each skill on its own.

Junior Coder App

Junior Coder App to Support 21st Century SkillsJunior Coder lets kids create their own puzzles including treasure maps, race tracks, railroads and more.  The folks at Junior Coder have developed lesson plans available on their website to help teachers discover ways to use this app in their classroom.  This app includes an award chart to keep track of student progress and motivate kids. Users earn badges and medals at the end of each game.

Check out Junior Coder’s website or watch this Youtube video to learn more!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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