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Edcite Free Digital Assignment Tool for Teachers

January 13, 2016

Edcite is a free website that allows teachers to find, create, or share interactive digital assignments and assessments. Edcite not only wants to give teachers autonomy and ownership over their content, but aims to make digital content engaging for students. Teachers can build their own assignments from the over 60 types of interactive questions (drag and drop, highlight text, label image) which Edcite offers.

Digital Assignment Tool

Edcite Free Digital Assignment Tool for TeachersEdcite’s teacher-created content library has over 11,000 digital assignments across all grades subjects.  On Edcite, you can easily take an assignment from other teachers and customize it for your students by adding, editing or deleting parts of the assignment to best fit the needs of your students.  Edcite is completely free for teachers and students, and has plenty of resources for your classroom.

Learn more by visiting their website or read this blog post for sample assignments!

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