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Waggle from Triumph Learning: Online Practice and Instruction

September 29, 2015

Waggle from Triumph Learning provides a blended learning solution to help teachers achieve success beyond the test. It analyzes different aspects of student behavior to tailor a unique learning path for each student. The software meets each student where they are on the learning continuum and cultivates a safe environment that encourages students to explore. Waggle provides a differentiated instruction tool set to meet the needs of individual students using real time reporting to pinpoint strengths and areas in need of improvement.

Online Practice for Students

Waggle from Triumph Learning: Online Practice and InstructionWaggle uses three key metrics to measure progress: proficiency, grit and pacing levels. Waggle also provides differentiated instructional tool set for teachers with Triumph Learning’s Coach resources, including lessons, tests, quizzes and practice items.  With resources for Math and ELA, Waggle is a great choice for teachers looking to support students learning at a different pace than their peers.

Visit Triumph Learning’s website to learn more about Waggle!

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