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5 Language Learning Apps for iPads

5 Language Learning Apps for iPads

Here’s a preview of my post for Teachability – click on the link below to read more! The portability of a tablet makes it easy to learn on the go.  Students using their own personal device or spending time with an iPad in school can benefit from the many educational apps available in the Apple App Store. Children learning a new language can access tons of apps that support language acquisition. … Read Article →

Vocabubble App for iPads Whimsical Illustrations & New Words

Vocabubble App for iPads: Whimsical Illustrations & New Words

Vocabubble is a whimsical iPad app that helps children discover new words.  This unique vocabulary app connects students to new words associated with the letters of the alphabet.  Each letter brings several different pictures to life.  The classical illustrations move about the screen as new words are spelled out for students.  …. Designed for children ages 3 to 7 years old, Vocabubble can be used to leverage what students already know about… Read Article →

4 Web Tools for Studying Vocabulary Words

4 Web Tools for Studying Vocabulary Words

Here’s a preview of my post for Channel One News – click on the link below to read more! A robust vocabulary readies students for a college education and a career. Knowledge of vocabulary words enable them to analyze topics and demonstrate understanding, including domain-specific vocabulary words when reading, writing, speaking and listening about a particular topic. Many web tools can help to support students as they expand their vocabulary, particularly… Read Article →

Learn a New Word Each Day with this Free Vocabulary Email List

Sharing new vocabulary with students is an important part of the everyday work that happens in your classroom.  If you’re looking to introduce a new word to students each day there is a free daily email that brings vocabulary to your inbox. Make Your Point is a free daily vocabulary-development email thatteaches useful, sophisticated words.  It includes content to help vocabulary learning including a pronunciation guide and part of speech for… Read Article →

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Master Vocabulary and Key Concepts with Trading Cards

Learning domain specific vocabulary and remembering key concepts can be challenging for students of all grade levels.  There is so much content they are exposed to in every subject area that providing kids with study tools can help them boost their comprehension. Trading Cards is a fun free app that asks students to think deeply about historical figures, characters from a book, events, or ideas, and lets them design trading cards for each… Read Article →


Curious Words for Visual Storytelling on iPads

Curious Words is a visual storytelling app from the makers of Oh No Fractions! and Curious Ruler.  Random words stimulate the child to explore the world around them, illustrating such words with what they see. Instead of drawing the word with a still picture, they can shoot a one second video – just the right length to capture a gesture, a movement, a shadow, or a smile.  A final movie is assembled with… Read Article →


Vocabulary and Spelling Practice on Tablets and Web Browsers

VocabularySpellingCity is a game-based website and app used to build literacy skills with vocabulary and spelling for K-12. Students can use it to practice spelling and vocabulary words using one of more than 30 games and activities. In the classroom, teachers can automate grading of tests and differentiated instruction. You can create assignments for students, small groups or your entire class. Teachers can create their own word lists, or choose… Read Article →

How-To: Add Your Own Voice to a QR Code

Update: RecordMP3 is no longer in service – try recording with Vocaroo and use a QR code creator to turn the audio link into a QR code. You may have seen my post on “Talking QR Codes” and here’s another tip for adding your own voice to a QR code.  RecordMP3 is a fantastic site that lets users record their voice using the microphone built-in to their computer.  You can then… Read Article →

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Vocabulary Quiz App: Quizzitive from Merriam-Webster

Boosting vocabulary is important at any age.  Quizzitive from Merriam-Webster is a straightforward vocabulary quiz app that will introduce students to new words.  Kids can play four different games as they learn new words and show off what they know. This vocabulary quiz app keeps track of what words children have answered correctly and gives students easy access to their definitions.  The first two levels are completely free and you can… Read Article →

10 Tech Tools to Boost Vocabulary

There are tons of apps, websites and tools to help students acquire new vocabulary words.  With these resources you can help students learn and practice new words through games and traditional study routines.  Click on each post to read more about using these tools with students of all ages across the content areas! Word Clouds for Predictions (examine new words in an article) Math Vocabulary Cards (flashcards with models) Vocabulary… Read Article →