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10 Tech Tools to Boost Vocabulary

11 Apr

There are tons of apps, websites and tools to help students acquire new vocabulary words.  With these resources you can help students learn and practice new words through games and traditional study routines.  Click on each post to read more about using these tools with students of all ages across the content areas!


  1. Word Clouds for Predictions (examine new words in an article)
  2. Math Vocabulary Cards (flashcards with models)
  3. Vocabulary with World’s Worst Pet (new words through storytelling)
  4. Vocabulary Notebook (study tool)
  5. Interactive Science Glossary for iPads (domain specific words)
  6. gFlash+ to Build Study Skills (customizable flashcards)
  7. Membean for Vocabulary (web-based tool)
  8. Futaba to Teach Vocabulary (multi-player app)
  9. Just 2 Words (puzzle game)
  10. MindSnacks: Kids Vocab (learning tool)

Bonus: Frolyc (create vocabulary lessons to share with students)

Check out these two app lists:

Word Clouds for Predictions

7 Apr
Check out this word cloud for ClassTechTips.com

Check out this word cloud for ClassTechTips.com

I’ve shared some ways that word clouds can be used in the classroom, and here’s another activity that works for all ages and subject areas.  Find a website that you are planning on sharing with students.  This could be an informational text on a science topic or simply a current events article.  Copy and paste the website URL into the online tool Tagxedo.  This website will create a word cloud using text from that website.

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Math Vocabulary Cards

2 Apr
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 3.43.10 PMThe Math Learning Center has some fantastic free apps (Geoboard and Number Line) including the newly released Math Vocabulary Cards. This app includes card sets for grades K-2 and 3-5. Users can select which cards they want to study by category or individually.  The cards are automatically sorted in random order and users can hide and reveal one or more sections of each card.  This means that they can practice quizzing themselves using the math term, example or definition.

VocabCard1Math Vocabulary Cards is easy to navigate and definitely kid-friendly.  With this app your students can review definitions for geometry, measurement, and money terms – just to name a few.  Kids can also view terms and definitions in English or Spanish.  The Common Core State Standards expects that students are able to use math vocabulary to explain their thinking.  Math Vocabulary Cards is the perfect choice for helping students become stronger math students.  Visit their website to learn more.

This app is also Android friendly since it can be accessed online using an Internet browser.

Vocabulary with World’s Worst Pet

25 Mar

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.04.58 AMA fantastic English Language Arts app, World’s Worst Pet will help students increase their domain specific vocabulary – an important part of the Common Core.  With this app children will be introduced to new words through games and an engaging narrative.  Totally free, World’s Worst Pet is worth checking out if you’re working with upper elementary and middle school students!

Here are two Common Core lessons plans for the ELA classroom:

Vocabulary Notebook

26 Feb

iOSappIf you’re looking for a device neutral tool for helping students study vocabulary check out Vocabulary Notebook.  Accessible through their web platform, iOS app, and Android app, Vocabulary Notebook helps kids study new words at home and in school.  Students can add words that they are learning and sort, categorize and filter them to stay organized.  Kids can quiz themselves to see what they have learned and even hear the correct pronunciation of each word.  Teachers can access information on student progress to see what words they are struggling to remember, or to send them a new word list to study.

webLearning domain-specific vocabulary is an important part of the Common Core State Standards and Vocabulary Notebook can help children boost their reading comprehension.  Vocabulary Notebook has worked with local universities to monitor student progress as a result of using their learning tool.  Visit their website to learn more about how this web platform can help your students!

Read this post in Spanish.

Interactive Science Glossary for iPads

23 Feb

imageInteractive Science Glossary: Earth Science and Interactive Science Glossary: Life Science are two fantastic resources for the science classroom.  These completely free interactive science glossaries are a great tool for teachers and students.  With videos, diagrams and flashcards, you’ll find that these apps are great study tools.  The tutorials can also be shared with students straight from your device during whole class instruction or for small groups that need extra help.

Check out my favorite science lesson plans for teaching with iPads!

Membean for Vocabulary

7 Jan

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 3.25.54 PM

A fantastic online tool for vocabulary acquisition is Membean – an individualized web based platform for learning.  With a focus on student engagement and memory retention, Membean uses an adaptive reinforcement engine to make sure that students are remembering what they’ve learned.  Vocabulary is presented to students in a variety of Memlets including: context, through examples, using word roots, videos, related images, word constellation, related words and memory hooks.

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 3.26.27 PM

Teachers will love having access to detailed student reports that they can share with parents and their children.  These resources help educators monitor student progress for students at a variety of levels.  Enriching students’ vocabulary increases reading comprehension and builds confidence.  This online tool is a wonderful option for teachers looking for a platform that meets the needs of individual students – check out Membean’s website, take a tour of their program , or watch their video to learn more!

Email contact@membean.com if you’re interested in a 30-day free personal trial or free classroom pilots for 3 months for teachers!