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Google Hangouts in Your Classroom: Virtual Guest Speakers

8 May

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.04.46 AMGoogle Hangouts are a fantastic tool for connecting with colleagues, other classrooms and experts in the field.  If you aren’t able to take your students to a Civil War battlefield or a National Park, or just can’t afford to fly a guest speaker to come to a school assembly, try organizing a Google Hangout.  This tool allows you to video chat with anyone with an Internet connection.  There is even the option to have multiple video calls happen at once so a group of people can “hangout” together.  This is great for holding a discussion or to form a panel that your students can address with questions they’ve written about a topic.

Next time you’re looking to bring a guest speaker to your class – why not try out a Google Hangout?

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Gettysburg Virtual Tour

24 Jun

image (36)Designed for visitors to Gettysburg, the Gettysburg Battle app can be used as a virtual tour of the Civil War battlefield. It includes video, audio, and an abundance of information on notable sites at Gettysburg. Try out these other virtual field trips: Monet paintings, art museum, panoramic views,

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*this app is made for an iPhone but works great on an iPad or iPod Touch

Bring the World to Your Classroom

19 Dec
Take your students on a virtual field trip to the Lincoln Memorial.

Take your students on a virtual field trip to the Lincoln Memorial. (This one I found in the app!)

Traveling this holiday season? I love to take pictures when I’m on vacation, especially of landmarks or places I’m studying with my fifth graders. Students will be more engaged during a lesson about Mayan culture when they see a picture of you standing in front of Chichen Itza.

Take your travel photos to a new level by using the Tourwrist app. It allows you take a 360 degree panoramic view of any location and upload it using your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re not planning a trip to the Washington Moniment anytime soon, that’s fine too! TourWrist allows users to upload their pics and it’s easy to search and share them in your classroom.

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