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Easy Timeline Creator App for Tablets & Computers

If you like the online resource ReadWriteThink you’ll want to check out some of their mobile apps including Timeline.  This app is available on both iPads and Android tablets and makes it easy for students to create timelines.  In addition to their timeline creator app for mobile devices, students can also make timelines on computers on ReadWriteThink’s website. With this totally free timeline creator app kids can chart the events… Read Article →

American History Interactive Timeline Informational Text & Primary Sources

American History Interactive Timeline: Informational Text & Primary Sources

I’ve shared some of my favorite American History apps and here is another that’s worth checking out.  American History Interactive Timeline lets users swipe through a timeline of significant events in the history of the United States. It has a combination of primary source documents and informational text that is placed across a timeline.  This app can help children understand the sequence of events in history and introduce them to… Read Article →

18 Social Studies Apps 1

18 Fantastic Free iPad Apps for Social Studies

Whether you have one iPad, a few, or a class set, there are plenty of great apps that will come in handy in the Social Studies classroom.  These apps provide access to primary source documents, reinforce geography concepts, and help children explore the world around them! Stack the States Presidents vs. Aliens History Channel iPad Apps News-O-Matic for Current Events Today in History iPad Project: Resume Builder Revolutionaries WatchUp to… Read Article →

Shout Science eBook App for Reading on iPads!

Shout Science eBook App for Reading on iPads!

I’ve shared some of my favorite storybook apps and this one is perfect for teaching children science stories!  Shout Science is an interactive book that tells the stories behind science discoveries.  This totally free science ebook app presents information to students using nonfiction text features. Finding a science eBook with compelling graphics and a high-interest content is a challenge at any grade level.  The content in Shout Science can spark discussions… Read Article →

Beethoven's 9th Symphony iPad App from TouchPress

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony: iPad App from TouchPress

For preschool and elementary school students there are great apps for exploring music.  If older students are feeling left out, show them Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  This comprehensive app lets children explore music with a tap and swipe of their screen.  Kids can switch between performances, listen to interviews and see which part of the orchestra is playing at different times. Looking to explore other historical figures? Try out one of these Common Core aligned lesson… Read Article →

Congressional Moments

The Library of Congress has an excellent new app to help students learn about primary source documents.  With video clips, quizzes and a gallery to explore, the Congressional Moments app will support American History teachers as they gather resources for their classroom. Here’s a Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan for teaching with primary source documents on iPads! Check out this Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan for a biography study!

Art Museum on Your iPad

I love apps that simulate a field trip and I’ve shared some of my favorites (Art Walk, TourWrist). Timeline: Art Museum is an excellent free app that allows users to explore the artwork of artists from the 14th to 20th centuries. I’m a big fan of timelines (Titanic, American Revolution, Math History, Revolutionaries) and this one is great for finding paintings from a specific time period or by a particular… Read Article →

People HD for Biographies

Biographies are a great way to get students excited about Social Studies.  People HD provides information on different historical figures, a timeline of their life and famous quotes.  The list could be more diverse, but I think it presents a great opportunity to have students research and create their own entry. Here’s a Common Core aligned lesson planthat is perfect for biographies! Check out this Common Core aligned lesson plan… Read Article →

Math History Timeline

There are lots of great free timeline apps for the iPad and I’ve shared some already (American Revolution and Titanic).  IBM’s Mind of Modern Mathematics is a fantastic interactive timeline with illustrations, primary source documents and information on important moments in the history of math.  It includes biographies of famous mathematicians and vintage videos on math concepts. Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app!

American Revolution Timeline

It’s easy for American History to come to life if you’re on iPads!  I’ve shared some great timeline apps and here’s another that’s worth checking out.  The American Revolution Interactive Timeline app let’s you travel through this period looking at artifacts and documents that tell the story of the Revolutionary War.  Students can tap and explore primary sources while swiping through the years of the American Revolution. Here’s a common… Read Article →