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Easy Annotate: Simple & Dynamic PDF Tool

Easy Annotate: Simple & Dynamic PDF Tool

Easy Annotate is a fantastic iPad app that gives teachers and students a simple and dynamic way to interact with documents.  Users can upload PDF documents to Easy Annotate for side-by-side editing.  Easy Annotate lets students highlight, write, and take notes all over documents.  It’s a great choice for researchers and readers interacting with text on their mobile device.  …. With Dropbox and Google Drive support, Easy Annotate can be… Read Article →

Online Resource: National Geographic Kids

Online Resource: National Geographic Kids for Multimedia and Informational Text

National Geographic has a handful of apps for students including Weird But True, National Parks, Underground Railroad, and Marine Missions.  In addition to these great choices for tablets, their website National Geographic Kids is a terrific resource for students and teachers. National Geographic Kids has games, articles, pictures and more for kids of all ages to explore.  It can be used to incorporate informational text or multimedia into a whole class… Read Article →

HowTo Link Images QR

How-To: Link Images to QR Codes

QR Codes are a fantastic way to take students directly to a website and I’ve shared tons of ways I like to use them!  If you want your students to find a picture without doing a Google Image search, it’s easy to create a QR code that takes students directly to a photograph. 1. Do an Internet search to find the perfect picture  Check out my book: Deeper Learning with QR… Read Article →

American History Clips from the Ken Burns iPad Apps

American History Clips from the Ken Burns iPad Apps

Ken Burns (no relation) is a fantastic storyteller who makes powerful documentaries about the American experience.  The Ken Burns iPad app lets users access bite-sized clips from his films.  These are perfect for using in the classroom to bring life to Social Studies content. I highly recommend watching all parts of his documentary on the National Parks system but a quick few minutes might be just enough for your students.  The… Read Article →

Smithsonian Channel for Tablets Educational Clips for Teachers

Smithsonian Channel for Tablets: Educational Clips for Teachers

I’ve shared some of my favorite educational programing for iPads and Smithsonian Channel is another worth checking out. Easy to navigate with a large variety of content, this free app has something for everyone.  Hook students during a science or social studies lesson or help them build prior knowledge before exploring a new book. This app is available for Android tablets.

gFlash+ to Build Study Skills

Students of all ages can benefit from the study skills they’ll develop when using gFlash+ a free flashcard app for iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android devices.  gFlash+ lets users create and edit their own set of flashcards right from within the app without any limits or restrictions. You and your students can even add images from your camera or photo library, or a voice recording to each card.  If you are… Read Article →

15 Streaming Video 1

15 Free Apps for Streaming Video Content

You might be looking to keep children up to date on current events, help them build prior knowledge, or simply make connections to the world around them.  With these free apps (for iOS and Android devices) you can stream videos straight from your device to share with students! Discovery Channel Khan Academy CNN & NPR WatchUp Super Stretch Yoga NBC Nightly News TED Talks Vimeo Congressional Moments Mathtrain History Channel… Read Article →

Printing Tip: Try Reader View

I love having students use reader view when looking at a text from an Internet browser.  Another great way to use this tool is when you’re printing out content from the web to share with students.  Informational text is such an important part of the Common Core and I use current events in my classroom to expose students to national issues and meet the standards at the same time.  Printing… Read Article →

National Parks on Your iPad

Whether you’re planning an outdoor excursion or just want to show off the National Parks to your students, check out National Geographic‘s fantastic free app: National Parks by National Geographic.  With tons of information (and the option to upgrade for more) this app can be used for student research or inspiration! Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan on the Great Plains or my bundle of American History iPad lesson… Read Article →

Mayan Math

Whether you’re looking for an enrichment activity for your math classroom or want to bring the Mayan Civilization to life for your students, Maya Numbers is a fantastic free app! Designed by a former archeologist and educator, MayaNumbers teaches students the history behind the number system used by this ancient civilization and they can practice their skills converting numbers. Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan for teaching… Read Article →