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Green Eggs and Ham: Read & Learn on iPads

4 Sep

Green Eggs and Ham: Read & Learn on iPadsI’m a big fan of Dr. Seuss and this new app from the folks at Ocean House Media brings a classic text to life on tablets.  Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn is an interactive reading app for iPads, combining the classic Dr. Seuss stories kids love with new animations and tons of surprises.  Every page of the book is animated and gesture-based interactions (tap, drag, tilt, swipe) unlock surprises and move the story along as you read.


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.20.32 AMMore than just a read along book, Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn includes over thirty Learning Activities that focus on building literacy skills.  The app is designed for children ages 3 to 6 and includes spelling and rhyming games aligned to Kindergarten English Language Arts Standards.  As children read they can highlight words, read by themselves, or follow along with the narration.  I love the layout and ease of use of Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn.  It’s the perfect choice for classroom stations, and read alouds at home.


Visit the Apple App Store to check out Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn or watch the video
see it in action!


Exploring Character Perspectives: An iPad Lesson Idea

31 Jul

Exploring Character Perspectives: An iPad Lesson IdeaHere’s a preview of my post for Teachability – click on the link below to read more!

Using iPads during your literacy block can help students engage with text and content on a new level.  There is no one app that is going to teach them how to be amazing readers, but there are plenty of apps that can support the tasks that you create for students.  One of my favorite activities for getting students thinking about their reading includes the use of the fantastic, free iPad app ChatterPix Kids.

ChatterPix Kids lets students take a picture, slice open the mouth, and record their voice talking through the image.  In the reading classroom you can…


…Click HERE to read more!

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PocketPhonics Stories Reading Program for iPads

24 Dec

unnamedBrand new in the Apple App Store, PocketPhonics Stories is a step-by-step reading program incorporating 42 storybooks for your iPad.  It is based on the award-winning PocketPhonics app that’s used in over 2000 schools.  With this app children will learn how to recognize letter sounds, identify how letter sounds are blended together to make words, and learn how to write letters.

unnamed-1After mastering a group of letter sounds, students will put them into practice by reading storybooks with those sounds plus a few difficult words to push them further. Children can tap a word they don’t know and this app keeps track of times when they need extra help.  PocketPhonics Stories supports children as they apply phonics skills when they are reading.  Independent research supports the power of the PocketPhonics program and they even offer free trials of the app for schools

Visit the Apple App Store or watch this video to learn more about PocketPhonics Stories!

Classroom Tool: Dr. Seuss Treasury App

18 Dec
PromoScreenLast week I introduced a fantastic collection of Dr. Seuss books from Oceanhouse Media.  The Dr. Seuss Treasury app is perfect for centers and silent reading.  Now every child in your class can have their own Dr. Seuss library at their fingertips without having to buy each individual book app or tote around the original hardback copy.  The 3 Sort options make it easy for kids to find their favorites and for adults to differentiate content.  Use Series to sort books by reading level, Date to order books by year published, or A-Z to see everything alphabetically.
Icon512_TransparentCornersEach book comes with text scaffolding features that support vocabulary development and improvement in fluency.  This includes 3 reading modes that employ the gradual release of responsibility: Auto Play, Read to Me, and Read it Myself.  Each book contains words that highlight with custom narration, tappable words and pictures, and the ability to record & share multiple tracks of your own narration.  If used in classrooms where each child has their own device, the new Reading Stats feature inside the Parents section makes it easy to track usage and engagement by keeping track of the number of books and hours read, individual words tapped, and pages turned.
Learn more about the new Dr. Seuss Treasury app by visiting their website!

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading App

8 Nov

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.06.00 PMNew this month to the Apple App Store Rosetta Stone Kids Reading is designed for youngsters getting started with reading.  It’s a colorful app that includes plenty of activities to help children build their foundational reading skills.  Students create their own profiles so more than one child can log on to the same device.  It covers topics from Pre-K through first grade and can also be used as a support or intervention tool.

Free to download, this app works off of a monthly subscription pricing structure.

Check out some of my reading lesson plans and special offer!

SoundSwaps for Spelling & Reading Practice

15 Sep
5_box all openSoundSwaps is an iPad app designed for students with dyslexia and other auditory based spelling and reading disorders.  With a bright and colorful, kid-friendly interface Soundswaps works with students on a few different skills.  This includes levels on word families, and initial and final sounds in words.  There are also activities that help students practice vowels, and random changes in words.
19_sng i in trash partial keybdWith SoundSwaps students can work on their auditory conceptualization skills and eliminate extra visual and auditory distractions while they focus on figuring out where within a word a sound has changed.  Students who are struggling with foundational literacy skills will benefit from the extra practice this app provides.
You can visit Language Learning Apps’ website to learn more!

iAnnotate for PDFs (with a Special Offer!)

10 Sep

Make Paper Jealous iPadI’m a big fan of iAnnotate – it’s an app that I use personally and professionally and if you work with PDFs you’ll definitely want to check it out!  Teachers and students are seeing the benefit of going paperless, especially when deciding whether or not to print huge PDF documents just so they can highlight and add notes.

iAnnotate is fantastic PDF viewer that gives users the power to write all over the page, adding notes, highlighting and marking up text as they see fit. Teachers can use iAnnotate for digital grading, including leaving audio feedback.  Students can use it to highlight and search long course readings without having to waste paper.

iA3-Icon-1024Branchfire is giving away 2,000 free copies of iAnnotate (usually $9.99) during the back to school season.  If you’d like to win a free copy send out the following tweet: 

Hey @ClassTechTips I want to #makepaperjealous with iAnnotate! 

Just make sure you’re one of my Twitter followers so I can direct message you the promo code! You must also have an Apple ID for the US App Store. Offer good until codes run out!

Learn more about iAnnotate at makepaperjealous.com

Update: All of the codes have been given out but you’ll definitely want to check out iAnnotate!

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