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Bookopolis.com for Social Readers

18 Aug

Bookopolis.com is a kid-friendly social network and book discovery tool.  It gives students an opportunity to safely connect with friends to share their favorite books.  This site helps children locate new books that fit their interests through personalized and peer based recommendations.  Designed for students in second through sixth grade, Bookopolis is completely free.Bookopolis Promo - 920x680.png

Bookopolis - App Icon - 96 x 96If you’re looking for a way to inspire young readers this site has lots of fun features.  Students can earn badges and use their own avatars as they read and share their favorite books.  In the classroom, Bookopolis is a great tool for supporting reading throughout the school year.  Kids can write book reviews, find reading buddies, and make connections between a variety of texts.  Teachers can even track their students independent reading time thanks to daily logs.

Visit Bookopolis.com to set up your whole class with student accounts or simply check out their website to learn more!

Access Reading Passages and Lessons on Readworks

7 Jun

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 8.58.01 AMThere are a few places teachers can go to find high quality reading passages for their students and Readworks.org should definitely be on your list.  This website offers a wide range of lesson plans, comprehension units, and reading passages organized by skill and Lexile level.  Whether you’re looking for a fiction passage for a guided reading group or want to find a informational text when teaching test taking skills, Readworks.org is the place to go!


Have students use a reading passage from Readworks when completing the activity in this lesson plan!




iPad Storybook with Comprehension and Sequencing Activities

31 May
image-7 Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 6.35.03 PMThe Dog and the Bone is an interactive storybook designed for the iPad.  Children can tap on the screen to hear the words read aloud and play a game that asks them to sequence events from the story.  This free app also includes comprehension questions for students to check their understanding of what they have read.

Looking for more English Language Arts iPad activities? Click here for Common Core aligned lesson plans.

Create with iBooks Author

28 May

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 12.32.52 PMI am a huge fan of iBooks Author!  It is a fantastic tool for teachers looking to create content for their students.  I’ve used it to make customized textbooks for a fifth grade Social Studies unit on Canada and Science unit on Sustainability.  iBooks Author can also be used to share student work to turn them into published authors.  It’s the same tool I used to create my eBooks to share tips with teachers.

Apple has just launched a fantastic overview of iBooks Author with instructions that show just how easy it is to use.  This page explains how you can add different media and widgets to each page of your book.  Try it out yourself and then ask your students to become content creators!

Here’s a lesson plan for helping students think like textbook writers!

Explore the Galaxy: Interactive iPad Magazine

25 May
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 5.42.49 PM

image-2Galaxies by Kids Discover is a fantastic free app with high quality pictures and great information. It includes nonfiction text features, activities and a quiz.  There is a section on the Milky Way, a spotlight on Stephen Hawking, and more.  If you’re studying the solar system or just looking for interesting informational text to share with students, check out this app!

Murky Reef – iPad Apps for Early Elementary

28 Apr

scienceFor ELA, Math and Science comprehension activities, check out this series of Murky Reef iPad apps for first and second grade students.  With content aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Murky Reef engages students with high quality content as they explore an underwater world.  They’ll see jellyfish, an octopus, pufferfish and more as they work through activities that were designed with Bloom’s Taxonomy in mind.

Your students will learn about the ocean as they complete math and reading activities in Murky Reef.  Murky Reef is developed by Frolyc – the web platform that let’s teachers design their own interactive learning activities for students, learn more here.

MurkyReef_1024x1024There are six apps in the Murky Reef series including:

If you’re looking for a way to engage young learners, definitely check out this collection of apps!


Outread for Speed Reading

27 Mar

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.07.31 PM

I’ve shared how much I love Pocket to keep track of all of the great articles I come across online about educational technology.  Users of the free app Pocket can access their bookmarked articles with the speed reading app Outread.  Outread highlights groups of words to help readers stay focused and move quickly through a text.  One cool feature is how it tells you how long it will take for you to finish each article.  There are lots of ways to customize this app and after trying it out for yourself you may want to introduce it to students working to build reading fluency or for kids who are struggling to stay focused when reading. It’s a very cool app and even though it’s not free Outread is definitely worth checking out!

Here’s two lesson plans for teaching literacy skills:

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