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MotionMagix Interactive Floor Games for Kids

MotionMagix Interactive Floor Games for Kids

MotionMagix is a super fun, interactive gaming experience for children.  At preschools, elementary schools and indoor play areas students can jump around and tap the wall as they work through a variety of interactive games.  MotionMagix uses a projector and special equipment to create an interactive floor.  It provides a space for students to play and explore independently or with a small group.   … Interactive floor activities like the ones… Read Article →

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Stage App: Turn Your iPad into an Interactive Document Camera

Teachers in one iPad classrooms can turn their device into a document camera with lots of do-it-yourself tricks. The perfect app for turning your iPad into a presentation tool is Stage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera. It lets users switch from a white board, image background, and camera all while writing on the screen.  Extra in app purchases let you unlock other features but Stage has lots of options for teachers… Read Article →

KONGcart Bundle and Blended Learning

  This year I’ve shared some of the reasons why the KONGcart bundle is a great option for tech-friendly classrooms.  As more and more teachers explore blended learning models they are looking for classroom solutions for lowering the cost of implementation.  In a blended learning model educators combine face-to-face learning experiences with tech-based instruction.  Teachers can focus time and energy on personalized instruction.   Schools thinking about the best way… Read Article →

MONKEYmount 280 Universal Tablet Stand

Earlier this year I shared MONKEYmount 280 a very cool stand that works with any tablet, including iPads.  With this stand you can turn your iPad into a document camera without having to invest in a new piece of technology.  It can be used with an HDMI projector or flat screen to mirror what is happening on your iPad screen.  This can even be done wirelessly so that students can easily… Read Article →

AirPlay in the iPad Classroom: Project Student Work

AirPlay in the iPad Classroom: Project Student Work

I love my Apple TV and even brought it into my classroom to try out last year.  My goal was to use the mirroring feature to project my iPad screen without being tethered to the projector.  A great alternative to using an Apple  TV is Reflector which can be downloaded to your laptop.  It’s super easy to use and perfect for an iPad classroom! When your computer is hooked up to… Read Article →

Images in Your QR Codes!

You’ve probably heard by now all of the ways I love to use QR codes in my classroom (scavenger hunts, with a projection screen, in the garden, to name a few!) Visualead is fantastic site that let’s users combine QR codes with images.  You can upload any picture that you want and place your QR code right on top of it.  Not only is it a great way to energize… Read Article →

WatchUp to Customize Current Events

There are lots of great ways to explore current events and I’ve shared some great free apps for accessing multimedia informational text.  One of my favorite news apps that I use at home and school is Watchup.  This free app allows you to create your own news program by choosing short clips from different news sources (EuroNews, AP, PBS, etc.). I love customizing any tool to fit the need of… Read Article →

Documentaries for the iPad

If you’re looking for a good resource for documentaries, SnagFilms is a fantastic app.  Completely free, with no requirement to sign up, SnagFilms offers a great variety of award winning documentaries.  Whether you’re looking to extend a lesson, kick off a unit or just learn more about a topic before teaching, you’ll want to check out this fantastic free app! Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app… Read Article →

iPad Document Camera

So many teachers in one iPad classrooms love using Educreations as a SMARTBoard simulator. Another fantastic presentation tool is Stage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera. This app works as a document camera and allows you to switch from a whiteboard, picture background, and camera while leaving text on the screen. It also has a laser pointer feature that allows the user to point out details on the screen without leaving… Read Article →

Pick a Student

There are so many  classroom management tools that I love and here’s another. iLEAP Pick A Student makes sure that you call on every student in your class.  Instead of the traditional coffee can full of popsicle sticks with students’ names on them, use this free app to make sure that all of your students are held accountable in class discussions.  Try projecting the screen from your iPad, iPhone or… Read Article →