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Barefoot World Atlas App for Research and Exploration

Barefoot World Atlas App for Research and Exploration

The days of flipping through an encyclopedia and atlas are over in most classrooms. It is essential that we provide students with access to text types that are true to the digital world. One app that I absolutely love is Barefoot World Atlas from the folks at Touchpress. You might be familiar with some of their powerful iPhone and iPad apps that bring information and interactive resources to your students’… Read Article →

National Parks Guide & Maps Apps from REI

National Parks Guide & Maps: Apps from REI

The National Parks Guide and Maps apps from REI are terrific for students and teachers on the ground and in the classroom. Whether you’re taking students on a park visit or incorporating a virtual trip into a lesson, the REI apps for iOS and Android are worth checking out. These apps include trail maps and guides for a handful of national parks including the Grand Canyon and Mount Rainier. If you’re… Read Article →

Interactive US Electoral Map

If you want your students to grasp the political history of the US check out The States.  This free app includes electoral data from every US election.  A colorful, crisp map displays the distribution of electoral votes while providing information on the candidates in each presidential election.  It doesn’t have to be November to bring the history ofpolitics alive for your students! Check out a bundle of my Common Core… Read Article →