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Online Resource: National Geographic Kids

National Geographic has a handful of apps for students including Weird But True, National Parks, Underground Railroad, and Marine Missions.  In addition to these great choices for tablets, their website National Geographic Kids is a terrific resource for students and teachers. National Geographic Kids has games, articles, pictures and more for kids of all ages to explore.  It can be used to incorporate informational text or multimedia into a whole class… Read Article →

ComicMaster for Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are becoming more and more popular in school libraries and classrooms.  If your students are reading these texts they might like the idea of telling their own stories using this format.  ComicMaster is a web-based application that lets students create their own comics. By accessing their website on an Internet browser, students of all ages can use text and animation to tell engaging stories.  You might want to… Read Article →

Use Comics Head for Storytelling

Storytelling is such an important literacy skill.  Students of all ages can create their own comics, storyboards, and presentations with the iPad app Comics Head.  This easy to use tool gives kids lots of ways to demonstrate their creativity.  It’s fun, engaging and a great addition to the traditional narrative writing already taking place in most English Language Arts classrooms. Comics Head includes lots of themes that students can use… Read Article →

Vocabulary with World’s Worst Pet

A fantastic English Language Arts app, World’s Worst Pet will help students increase their domain specific vocabulary – an important part of the Common Core.  With this app children will be introduced to new words through games and an engaging narrative.  Totally free, World’s Worst Pet is worth checking out if you’re working with upper elementary and middle school students! Here are two Common Core lessons plans for the ELA… Read Article →

Write About This! Prompts

A fantastic app to help student writers is Write About This.  Children can access writing prompts and use pictures as inspiration.  This app makes it easy to publish and share student work and the free version gives kids access to more than a dozen writing prompts. Here are two of my favorite lesson plans for teaching ELA with mobile devices: Story Maps: Using a Graphic Organizer  Retell a Story: Create… Read Article →

Grammaropolis for ELA

A wonderful introduction to grammar topics, Grammaropolis will get students excited about different parts of speech. With this app kids can access videos, music and tons of resources.  The free version gives you all of the content related to nouns but the other parts of speech require in app purchases. Looking for lessons to teach grammar topics? Here’s two that may work for you: Prefixes and Suffixes Noun, Adjectives and… Read Article →

EduGame Spotlight: SpellMania

For a fun way to practice spelling and push students with word games check out SpellMania.  This free iPad app asks children to locate words on a grid.  A super cool feature is the ability to tap on any word to access a complete dictionary entry.  SpellMania includes three options for students: Free Play, Puzzle Mode and Time Attack. Check out all of my Common Core aligned lesson plans for… Read Article →

TocoMail for Class Email

If you are looking for a way to help children connect safely with classmates, friends and family, TocoMail is worth checking out.  Originally designed for families to use, this app is starting to make its way into classrooms.  It provides a closed network that a teacher is able to monitor.  Kids can learn about digital citizenship and apply their communication skills with TocoMail. This app gives teachers control over the… Read Article →

Dynamic Online Learning for Pre-K

Miss Humblebee’s Academy is a fantastic online kindergarten preparatory program.  It includes play-based interactive lessons that are perfect for early learners.  Their website introduces children to key concepts in math, social studies, science, art, music and reading through hundreds of activities.  The high quality graphics and kid-friendly music make Miss Humblebee’s Academy a great choice for pre-K students. Children can access books and music in addition to the interactive lessons… Read Article →

Aesop’s Fables Go Mobile

The Library of Congress has a variety of apps including some great choices for virtual field trips.  Aesop for Children is an interactive ebook app that’s makes it easy and fun for kids reading these tales for the first time or teachers sharing them with their students.  This is a great app if you only have one iPad or access to a few to create reading groups. Have students retell a story with one of my favorite Common Core… Read Article →