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WWF Animal App

3 Apr

The World Wildlife Fundphoto 1 (3) has a beautiful free app that contains high quality pictures and lots of information about different animals.  Whether you’re looking for information on pandas, whales, turtles or tigers, this should be a go-to app to gather facts and find inspiration.

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan using this app in the classroom!

SlideShare Presentations

25 Mar

SlideShare is a great resource for PowerPoint presentations. This website allows you to view presentations created by teachers (and all sorts of people) that may be useful for your classroom. It’s also a fantastic place to share your presentations with others.

Check out my SlideShare presentations:


Documentaries for the iPad

4 Feb

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 7.15.32 PM

If you’re looking for a good resource for documentaries, SnagFilms is a fantastic app.  Completely free, with no requirement to sign up, SnagFilms offers a great variety of award winning documentaries.  Whether you’re looking to extend a lesson, kick off a unit or just learn more about a topic before teaching, you’ll want to check out this fantastic free app!

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app in the classroom!

SnapGuide for How-Tos

28 Jan

Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 3.36.37 PM

I love learning new things and SnapGuide is a fantastic free app that you must explore! Pinterest is a great place for gathering new ideas, and SnapGuide takes this concept to a whole new level.  SnapGuide is full of how-to guides that show step-by-step instructions on how to complete a variety of tasks.  You and your students can even create your own how-to guides using this free service!

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan for using this app!

This app is also available on Android devices.

Ready to Research: Recording Citations

9 Jan

Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 1.20.38 PM

The iPad is a fantastic tool for completing research, publishing, and sharing your work. There are two free apps from PERRLA that make it easy to record citations whether you’re using MLA or APA style references.  This app is perfect for elementary students completing a biography project or high schoolers writing a term paper.

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan using this app in the classroom!

iPad Project: Resume Builder

4 Jan


My students aren’t quite ready to write their own resumes but there is still a place for this app in my classroom.

A great way to replace or extend a biography project is to create a resume of the person you are studying.  Have students use the Pocket Mobile Resume app to demonstrate their knowledge of a historical figure’s personal information, experience and education, while choosing contemporaries to act as references and identify the skills and strengths of this person.  Try it out in your classroom!

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app in the classroom!

Here’s another Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app in the classroom!

Formative Assessment Tool

2 Jan
UPDATE 5/13: Understoodit is closing but here’s another similar option that let’s you take the pulse of your class during your instruction – PollEverywhere

photo-4If you are looking for a new formative assessment tool check out Understoodit.  Whether your students are on iPads or have access to the web from desktops, Understoodit is a fantastic free assessment tool that is perfect for collecting data when presenting new information to students.  As you speak, students press one of two buttons on a website unique to your class: “Confused” or “Understood” You’ll receive real-time data on how well your class understands your presentation.

At first I was hesitant to try Understooit with my fifth graders, since it seemed so perfect for university professors and high school teachers, but it worked great with my group.  I don’t normally teach by lecture so I had students first try it out while watching a BrainPop video.  This way it was easy for me to know when to pause and initiate a discussion when they were confused.  I’m gathering formative data and can alter my instruction by the minute!

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