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13 Gotta-Have iPad Presentation Tools

6 Feb

This list includes some of my favorite ways to use the iPad for student (and teacher) presentations.  Whether you decide to have students make their own Tellagamis or try using SlideShare for PowerPoint inspiration, these 13 tips will change the way you see iPads as a way to create and give presentations in your classroom.Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.58.42 AM

  1. Haiku Deck for Small Presentations
  2. Film Your Own Persuasive PSAs
  3. Student Created Podcasts
  4. Tellagami for Story Telling
  5. Pic Collage to Make iPad Posters
  6. SnapGuide for How-Tos
  7. SlideShare for Presentations
  8. Nearpod for 1 to 1 Classrooms
  9. Organize Thinking in a GRID
  10. App Combo: iMovie and Doceri
  11. Toontastic for Story Telling
  12. App Update: Educreations
  13. Slideshows with Shadow Puppet

+1 Record Your Work Using Doceri

15 Free Apps for Streaming Video Content

9 Jan

You might be looking to keep children up to date on current events, help them build prior knowledge, or simply make connections to the world around them.  With these free apps (for iOS and Android devices) you can stream videos straight from your device to share with students!

BONUS: Try out Frolyc to send video based lessons to your students’ iPads!

Printing Tip: Try Reader View

18 Oct
Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.54.05 PMI love having students use reader view when looking at a text from an Internet browser.  Another great way to use this tool is when you’re printing out content from the web to share with students.  Informational text is such an important part of the Common Core and I use current events in my classroom to expose students to national issues and meet the standards at the same time.  Printing an article straight from reader view is an easy way to get rid of advertisements or distractions on the side of the page and make sure that students are focusing on the text!

Images in Your QR Codes!

28 Aug

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.49.54 PM

You’ve probably heard by now all of the ways I love to use QR codes in my classroom (scavenger hunts, with a projection screen, in the garden, to name a few!)

Visualead is fantastic site that let’s users combine QR codes with images.  You can upload any picture that you want and place your QR code right on top of it.  Not only is it a great way to energize traditional black and white QR codes, adding images can help students distinguish between QR codes in different subject areas or lessons.  This is perfect for younger students or English Language Learners.  Whether you choose a picture of a globe for a Social Studies website or a number to match up to a question on an activity sheet, you’ll find lots of times to add images to your QR codes!

Users can create QR codes for free using Visualead or upgrade to have even more options.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.49.30 PM


Read this post in Spanish!

Free iPad Apps for Classroom Management

9 Jul

Thank you to the close to 800 people who joined my SimpleK12 webinar!

“Free iPad Apps for Classroom Management”

Download the presentation or Sign up for an upcoming webinar!

iPad Reference Charts

24 May

One of my favorite reference charts is taped to my classroom’s iPad cart, and the other is prominently displayed in the front of the room.

My students email their classwork throughout the school year and this chart helps them remember what to do before hitting send:
photo (1)
There are plenty of lessons you can email in my Teacher Store!

Sustainability iPad Apps

24 Apr

photo 1

One of my favorite topics to teach in the classroom is healthy eating. There are lots of great free apps to support this subject at all grade levels.

photo 3

Here’s my Common Core aligned QR Scavenger Hunt “Intro to Healthy Eating” and the “Food Plate (aka Food Pyramid)

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