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Create with iBooks Author

28 May

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 12.32.52 PMI am a huge fan of iBooks Author!  It is a fantastic tool for teachers looking to create content for their students.  I’ve used it to make customized textbooks for a fifth grade Social Studies unit on Canada and Science unit on Sustainability.  iBooks Author can also be used to share student work to turn them into published authors.  It’s the same tool I used to create my eBooks to share tips with teachers.

Apple has just launched a fantastic overview of iBooks Author with instructions that show just how easy it is to use.  This page explains how you can add different media and widgets to each page of your book.  Try it out yourself and then ask your students to become content creators!

Here’s a lesson plan for helping students think like textbook writers!

Abraham Lincoln on iPads

7 May

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.22.27 PMAnother great app for teaching American History or exploring a biography, Abraham Lincoln Interactive is a fantastic choice for using with students.  In addition to a photo gallery and slideshow of quotes, this interactive textbook lets kids access video and see primary source documents.  The first few chapters of the book are free and an in app purchase unlocks all content.

Here are two lesson plans that can be used in a Social Studies classroom:

Book Writer for Easy Publishing

27 Jan


Students and teachers creating eBooks should check out Book Writer.  The ease and simplicity of the intuitive interface makes this app a truly powerful tool.  Children can use Book Writer to publish stories that can be shared with their families and added to an ePortfolio.  Teachers can create books that document school trips or publish a collection of their students’ work.


Straightforward and easy to use, Book Writer lets you create a book right within the app by adding pictures, text, audio recording and even music.  You can export the book to iBooks for easy reading on your iPad or share it via email.  Simple and fun to use, students will love being content creators on their iPads no matter what event they are documenting or story they are telling.  Teachers will also find that this app lends itself to creating customized books to share with their students.  Book Writer is a very impressive app!

Shout Science Interactive Storybook

6 Dec

image (84)I’ve shared some of my favorite storybook apps and this one is perfect for teaching children science stories!  Shout Science is an interactive book that tells stories behind science discoveries.  Students can scroll through a timeline and read about famous scientists.

Check out one of my Common Core aligned lesson plans for teaching science!

Read this post in Spanish!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

28 Oct

image (51)There are lots of ways to read books on iPads (or create your own).  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs allows children read an interactive storybook by themselves, with help, or simply listen to it read aloud.  With high-quality graphics and easy to flip through pages this free picture book is worth checking out!

Check out my favorite apps for teaching Common Core ELA!


Penguin Leveled Readers: iPad Bookshelf

31 Jul

image (53)Penguin Leveled Reader is a wonderful bookshelf app for young readers.  Students can listen to narration, read along, and manipulate the story.  This app comes with one free text from each of the four levels offered and more can be downloaded with in-app purchases.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans for teaching reading strategies on iPads!

My New eBook “Swim Dive Splash”

28 Apr

Swim Dive Splash

Very excited to announce that my new children’s book “Swim Dive Splash” is now available in the iBookstore! Perfect for teaching figurative language and narrative poetry. With full audio support – it reads itself!
-Practice fluency by having children read along
-Alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, etc.,
-Great for making inferences and using pictures to support comprehension
 *include discussion questions and extension activities

Want to spread the news? Download the flyer here:  Swim Dive Splash

Please don’t confuse me with the adult fiction author Monica Burns (she’s in the iBookstore too – but I’ve never met her!)

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