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Dr. Seuss Treasury for 50+ Digital Books

11 Dec
Icon512_TransparentCornersThe Dr. Seuss Treasury app gives you easy access to 50+ classic Dr. Seuss books in a single, portable, digital library. Each book is a dynamic and interactive reading experience, complete with custom narration and sound effects, tappable words and pictures, and 3 reading modes that help even the youngest of readers connect with each story.
Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.45.06 PMFind your favorites easily using the Sort feature – you can organize all 55 books alphabetically, by series/reading level, or year published. Parents and teachers can use the new Reading Stats feature inside the Parents section to track books and hours read, individual words tapped, and pages turned. Explore the app using a 7 day free trial, then subscribe and save or unlock the whole app with a one-time in app purchase.
It’s a great deal for anyone looking to round out their classroom library, diversify the Dr. Seuss content they normally cover, and keep students engaged in learning how to read.  Check it out today!

Interactive Safari

22 Nov

image (77)

If you only have one or a few iPads in your classroom, interactive story apps are great for stations and partner activities.  Goodnight Safari is a beautifully illustrated interactive book that children can explore independently.

Teaching ELA with iPads? Here are some Common Core aligned lesson plans!

Publish Stories on iPads

23 Aug

image (70)

iPads are a great tool for content consumption but there are plenty of free iPad apps that help students create content too!  Our Story for iPad lets users write their own stories using images saved on their iPad camera roll.  Add text and record your voice for each page before sharing your final product as a PDF or zip file.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans for teaching ELA on iPads: story maps, figurative language, fluency, current events, and more!

Read this post in Spanish!

Penguin Leveled Readers: iPad Bookshelf

31 Jul

image (53)Penguin Leveled Reader is a wonderful bookshelf app for young readers.  Students can listen to narration, read along, and manipulate the story.  This app comes with one free text from each of the four levels offered and more can be downloaded with in-app purchases.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans for teaching reading strategies on iPads!

My New eBook “Swim Dive Splash”

28 Apr

Swim Dive Splash

Very excited to announce that my new children’s book “Swim Dive Splash” is now available in the iBookstore! Perfect for teaching figurative language and narrative poetry. With full audio support – it reads itself!
-Practice fluency by having children read along
-Alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, etc.,
-Great for making inferences and using pictures to support comprehension
 *include discussion questions and extension activities

Want to spread the news? Download the flyer here:  Swim Dive Splash

Please don’t confuse me with the adult fiction author Monica Burns (she’s in the iBookstore too – but I’ve never met her!)

Create Your Own Textbook

24 Oct


iBooks Author is a fantastic way to get students involved in their own learning. If you’re dedicated to providing engaging lessons for your students then creating interactive textbooks needs to go on your to do list.

iBooks Author has a short learning curve, and here are just some of the things you can do:

  • I use text from various Internet sources and alter it so the reading level is appropriate for my students
  • Google Image search is perfect for finding high resolution pictures to add to your Gallery
  • If you’re not a fan of YouTube, Vimeo is a great resource for high resolution videos
  • You can even add review questions to the end of each chapter

20121021-184439.jpgI often have my students locate content for their interactive textbooks – it empowers them and requires higher order thinking skills like creating and analyzing.

Check out my lesson plan on creating interactive textbooks with your students!


Here’s another lesson plan on using interactive textbooks in your classroom!


iBooks Reading Guides

20 Sep
One thing I love about iBooks is how easy it is to take notes and organize your thinking.
I use iBooks to prepare reading guides for student book clubs. If your students are reading classic texts (Treasure Island, Jane Eyre, etc.) these books can be downloaded for free.  If my students are going to be reading in a book club with hard copies of a text, I’ll purchase a copy on iBooks so I can prepare a reading guide for them. Here’s how:
  • As I’m reading I’ll highlight a piece of text and add a note.  This note will be a comprehension question I think that students should be able to stop and answer when they finish the chapter.
  • I can access all of these notes (comprehension questions) in one place, no matter when or where in the book I stopped to record them.
  • All of these notes (comprehension questions) can be emailed together, and are already organized by chapter.
  • I will give this list to students at the beginning of a book club with the expectation that this will guide their reading responses and group discussions.

Highlight any word and you’ll have the option to add a note.

Press the “Share” button to email your notes.

All of your comprehension questions will be organized by chapter.

Check out my book club guide for The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate.

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