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Space Chef iPad Healthy Eating Game

Space Chef iPad Healthy Eating Game

Space Chef is a new iPad app from the folks at the Lawrence Hall of Science designed to help students make healthy choices.  The Space Chef is a fast-paced game where students combine ingredients to make healthy meals.  With this app students will see that a handful of nutritious ingredients can come together to make a tasty meal. Space Chef introduces students to Hawaiian Turkey Sliders, Quesadilla Con Huevos and Peanut… Read Article →

Healthy eBook: Keb and Cala Explore Sugar

Keb and Cala Explore Sugar, What Is It And Why Is It So Sweet? is an engaging eBook designed for iPads that will bring healthy eating to life for children.  It follows the adventures of Keb and Cala as they explore sugar in different foods.  The whimsical animations and characters will grab your students’ attention as they learn about making healthy food choices. Teachers can log in to Keb and Cala Explore… Read Article →

Disney Magic Timer Home & Classroom Use

Disney Magic Timer: Home & Classroom Use

Designed to help children develop healthy habits when brushing their teeth, Disney Magic Timer can be used in the classroom for a variety of purposes.  This free app could be linked to a unit on staying healthy by encouraging good hygiene and establishing routines. You might also find that this app is a useful tool for transitions, class work or anytime you might normally use a timer as a classroom… Read Article →

Digestion Action Game Play & Learn on iPads

Digestion Action Game: Play & Learn on iPads

Reaching children through games is one way to hook and excite students about a new topic.  Whether you dedicate a few minutes during an after school program or suggest this app to parents, Science Heroes 1: The Digestive System for Kids is a fantastic choice! Here are some more ideas for teaching healthy eating: Healthy Eating with Whole Foods Sustainability iPad Apps Eat and Move: Health Calculator

Marine Missions to Explore Ocean Science

Another great app from National Geographic is Marine Missions, a bright and colorful game that teaches children about water conservation and the animals that live in the ocean.  A great tool for reinforcing lessons on ecosystems or extending a unit on biodiversity! Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plans on sustainability, eating healthy, and other science topics!

Super Stretch Yoga

A great app for getting students moving is Super Stretch Yoga. Also known as The Adventures of Super Stretch, this app is perfect for introducing students to kid-friendly yoga poses.  The quick and simple video clips  would be perfect for transitions between lessons or used during an after school program! Here are two Common Core aligned iPad lesson plans for teaching healthy habits: Intro to the Food Plate and Intro to Healthy Eating

Learn Outdoor Skills on iPads

If you’re teaching outdoor skills there are three apps from Columbia Sportswear that are worth checking out.  These apps can provide great extension activities for lessons on physical education, life skills, and math class. GPS Pal -> for keeping track of outdoor expeditions Take Ten -> tips for what you’ll need for exploring the great outdoors What Know to Do -> a pocket guide for tying knots If you’re students are… Read Article →

iPad Science Fair

If you’re looking for experiments for a school science fair or an easy way to access steps for an experiment, try DIY Nano HD. This free app focuses on an exploration of nanotechnologies, and the properties of atoms and molecules. It includes informational videos, easy to follow instructions and is great for all ages! Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan for Earth Science or one of the environmentally friendly… Read Article →

Eat and Move: Health Calculator

Eating healthy is important and there are lots of ways to use iPads to help students make good choices. A fun free app from 4H is Eat and Move. I consider this app a “health calculator” because users can find out the calories of common foods and how much time they’ll need to swim, dance, jump rope, etc. to burn the calories in their meal. This app is fantastic for… Read Article →