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Stack the States 2 Geography Game for iPads

Stack the States 2: Geography Game for iPads

If you’re looking for a new way to get students excited about geography, Stack the States 2 is worth checking out. This geography game for iPads and iPhones is an updated version of the earlier app you may already be familiar with. Stack the States 2 has interactive maps, 3D visuals and tons of questions with fun facts about the states. Students will interact with a map of the United… Read Article →

Intro the United States

Intro to United States: An Educational App From Montessorium

If you’re looking for apps for young learners Montessorium has a handful to check out.  One of my favorites is Intro to United States.  This app presents a map of the United States for students to explore.  They’ll tap on each state to learn its name and work through different activities. Students will learn the shapes of each state and identify their position relative to one another.  They’ll match animals… Read Article →

Geography Duel for Partner Practice

There are a handful of geography apps that I love (StrataLogica, TapQuiz, Experience America HD, 3D Atlas) and Geography Duel is another option for students.  This app lets users quiz their knowledge of US states and countries.  It has a single player and multiplayer mode that lets students compete with a partner.  This is a great app game for students who want to boost their knowledge of geography whether they play… Read Article →

24 Super Cool Free Science Apps

24 Super Cool Free Science Apps

There are tons of awesome iPad apps and these 24 totally free games, tools, and resources are perfect for the science classroom.  Explore this list to see which free science apps work with your students! 24 Free Science Apps iPad Lab Timer for Experiments (lab experiments) WWF Animal App (life science) Smithsonian Channel for Tablets (earth science, biology, astronomy, and more) Common Core Activities with Frolyc (create your own science activities or… Read Article →

18 Social Studies Apps 1

18 Fantastic Free iPad Apps for Social Studies

Whether you have one iPad, a few, or a class set, there are plenty of great apps that will come in handy in the Social Studies classroom.  These apps provide access to primary source documents, reinforce geography concepts, and help children explore the world around them! Stack the States Presidents vs. Aliens History Channel iPad Apps News-O-Matic for Current Events Today in History iPad Project: Resume Builder Revolutionaries WatchUp to… Read Article →

National Parks on Your iPad

Whether you’re planning an outdoor excursion or just want to show off the National Parks to your students, check out National Geographic‘s fantastic free app: National Parks by National Geographic.  With tons of information (and the option to upgrade for more) this app can be used for student research or inspiration! Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan on the Great Plains or my bundle of American History iPad lesson… Read Article →

Marine Missions to Explore Ocean Science

Another great app from National Geographic is Marine Missions, a bright and colorful game that teaches children about water conservation and the animals that live in the ocean.  A great tool for reinforcing lessons on ecosystems or extending a unit on biodiversity! Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plans on sustainability, eating healthy, and other science topics!

Discovery Channel on iPads

It doesn’t have to be shark week for you to find great content from the Discovery Channel.  Whether you’re looking for clips of new shows that can hook your students when kicking off a new unit, or a way to connect your instruction to current environmental issues, check out their free iPad app! Here are some Common Core lesson plans for teaching science topics in the iPad classroom! This app… Read Article →

3D Atlas for iPads

There are lots of great apps for searching the globe, and a great 3D tool is Atlas by Collins.  Zoom in to their satellite view of the Earth and access more information about countries, cities and states.  The satellite globe comes free with the app and more detailed maps can be purchased within the app. Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plans for geography in the classroom!

Gettysburg Virtual Tour

Designed for visitors to Gettysburg, the Gettysburg Battle app can be used as a virtual tour of the Civil War battlefield. It includes video, audio, and an abundance of information on notable sites at Gettysburg. Try out these other virtual field trips: Monet paintings, art museum, panoramic views, Check out my bundle of Common Core aligned Social Studies iPad lesson plans! *this app is made for an iPhone but works… Read Article →