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Museums of the World

25 Sep

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The iTunes Store is full of apps that can help take your students on virtual field trips.  Museums of the World brings thousands of museums from around the globe to your fingertips.  Whether you’re looking for contact information for local institutions or for details on exhibits hundred of miles away, this app is full of useful information.

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Museum Exploration on iPads

1 Jul

image (17)I’ve taken plenty of amazing field trips with students (one of the great things about teaching in NYC!) but I’m always amazed by the number of virtual possibilities. There are lots of fantastic free apps that bring a museum to your fingertips and the Life of Art takes another spin on it. By focusing on four items in the Getty Museum’s collection, students can explore an object’s origin and history, the technique of craftsman and information about the time period it was created. With stunning pictures, this app might just inspire your students to take a weekend trip to a local museum! image (18)

Check out my Common Core aligned bundle of Social Studies lesson plans for other iPad apps!

Learn Outdoor Skills on iPads

29 May

image (32) image (31)If you’re teaching outdoor skills there are three apps from Columbia Sportswear that are worth checking out.  These apps can provide great extension activities for lessons on physical education, life skills, and math class.

GPS Pal -> for keeping track of outdoor expeditions
Take Ten -> tips for what you’ll need for exploring the great outdoors
What Know to Do -> a pocket guide for tying knots

If you’re students are staying indoors, try out one of my QR scavenger hunts for a mini adventure!

Free iPad Apps for the K-5 Classroom

7 Apr

Thank you for attending my workshop this month!

If you weren’t able to make it, check out my presentation Free iPad Apps for the K-5 Classroom:

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Fooducate – Health Scan

27 Sep

There are lots of apps that allow you to scan barcodes to compare prices of different products. Fooducate takes this to a new level!

When you scan the barcode of a processed food item, Fooducate connects you to information on “How Healthy” that product is – even assigning it a letter grade.

Students can use this app on a supermarket field trip or to scan items you bring into your classroom.  The Fooducate website also performs the same function. If you’re teaching a unit on healthy eating, or discussing advertising during a persuasive writing unit, Fooducate can integrate technology into your lesson.

Check out my lesson plan using Fooducate in the classroom!

This app is also available on Android devices.

Healthy Eating with Whole Foods

9 Aug

Whole Foods supermarket has an app for children that promotes healthy eating. In a game that feels similar to Angry Birds, players sort a variety of healthy foods moving them across the screen to the appropriate sorting belt. Healthy eating tips are given in between each level.  This would be a great starting point for discussions on food and nutrition, since the game introduces foods that might be new to your students.












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Art Walk

31 Jul

Take neighborhood walks and community studies to the next level with this exploration app!  The Meridian app lets you explore different locations – my favorite is their guide to the permanent artwork installed in the MTA system in NYC.  Either before, during or for a simulated neighborhood walk, students can explore the artwork hidden underground in NYC’s subway system.

Artist and artwork information

Search by train line and station

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