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The World Factbook: Informational Text & Research iPad App

The World Factbook: Informational Text & Research iPad App

If you grew up using encyclopedia books to find information for a research report you’ll definitely appreciate The World Factbook 2015 HD app.  This iPad app is full of tons of information on more than 250 countries and territories.  Students can use this as a resource for gathering information or to simply explore informational text on their tablet. The World Factbook 2015 HD is a great addition to a digital text… Read Article →

Legend: An Exciting Visual Storytelling Platform

A new online platform is helping teachers use stories to make content meaningful and engaging for their students.  Visual storytelling is a powerful way for teachers looking to reach students as they introduce new topics and concepts.  Legend is a terrific website that makes it easy for teachers to use video, images, and text to transform the way they get content in the hands of their students. This very easy-to-use visual… Read Article →

24 Super Cool Free Science Apps

There are tons of awesome iPad apps and these 24 totally free games, tools, and resources are perfect for the science classroom.  Explore this list to see what works with your students! iPad Lab Timer for Experiments (lab experiments) WWF Animal App (life science) Smithsonian Channel for Tablets (earth science, biology, astronomy, and more) Common Core Activities with Frolyc (create your own science activities or search their library) Shout Science Interactive… Read Article →

Beethoven's 9th Symphony iPad App from TouchPress

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony: iPad App from TouchPress

For preschool and elementary school students there are great apps for exploring music.  If older students are feeling left out, show them Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  This comprehensive app lets children explore music with a tap and swipe of their screen.  Kids can switch between performances, listen to interviews and see which part of the orchestra is playing at different times. Looking to explore other historical figures? Try out one of these Common Core aligned lesson… Read Article →

Changing America on iPads

There are so many great apps that can be used to access primary source documents, and the Smithsonian’s Changing America app should be added to your list. It includes images related to the Civil War and quotes written by people who lived through the period. Here are some Common Core aligned lesson plans for teaching with iPads and primary source documents: What is a Primary Source?, Titanic Timeline, American Revolution… Read Article →

Tree Exploration on iPads

Trees Pro HD by Nature Mobile is a fantastic free app for exploring trees in your neighborhood and beyond. Forty tree species are listed with beautiful, high quality photographs and information on their leaves, fruit and general characteristics. This is a wonderful resource for teachers and students! Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plans on composting, rocks, endangered species, the Amazon Rainforest, and more!

Art Museum on Your iPad

I love apps that simulate a field trip and I’ve shared some of my favorites (Art Walk, TourWrist). Timeline: Art Museum is an excellent free app that allows users to explore the artwork of artists from the 14th to 20th centuries. I’m a big fan of timelines (Titanic, American Revolution, Math History, Revolutionaries) and this one is great for finding paintings from a specific time period or by a particular… Read Article →

Revolutionary Resource

There are lots of resources for gathering information on the iPad.  For a different take on an encyclopedia try the Revolutionaries of the Past Century app.  This free app allows users to explore influential (and controversial) figures of the 20th century from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Raul Castro.  Search by movement or keyword to access a biography, photo, audio, and links to more information. Here’s a Common Core aligned lesson… Read Article →

Today in History

This Day in History is a free app from World Book Encyclopedia that lists historical events that took place on a particular date.  It let’s you search any day of the year and provides a longer explanation (encyclopedia entry) of each event’s significance. Check out this common core aligned lesson plan to use in Social Studies with iPads in you classroom! Here’s another common core aligned lesson plan to use in… Read Article →