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Luna Interactive Projection Camera for Lesson Modeling

Using technology thoughtfully and effectively is an important part of today’s classrooms.  Not only can technology integration engage students, it can help them better understand key concepts and real world applications for problem solving.  Technology can enhance learning and often encourages collaboration among students.   The Luna™ Interactive Projection Camera helps teachers integrate technology tools into their daily instruction.  This device is a projection camera and web cam for sharing photos and… Read Article →

ChatterPix Kids Makes Pictures Come to Life 1

ChatterPix Kids Makes Pictures Come to Life

I’ve shared some of my favorite apps for taking photographs to the next level using iPads and here’s another awesome one to add to the list! ChatterPix Kids lets your students put their voice to any image.  Whether it’s a historical figure, a character from their favorite book, or a photo of a friend, students can make pictures come to life. Try having students use this app to demonstrate their understanding… Read Article →

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Slideshows with Shadow Puppet

Shadow Puppet is an amazing app that is perfect for students of all ages.  Children can take still images and bring them to life with narration using this story telling tool.  Shadow Puppet lets users zoom into pictures as they narrate a slideshow. There are lots of ways to use this app in the classroom and Shadow Puppet features some great ideas on their Pinterest page and blog.  Students can… Read Article →

14 Higher Order Apps

14 Free Apps for Higher Order Thinking

Apps for higher order thinking can be a great push for your students to explain their thinking and create their own digital portfolio items. Apps that focus on higher order thinking can help your students start using focused thought processes to address new questions, investigations, and basic HOTS skills. Each of these apps can be used to complement and execute Bloom’s Higher Order of Thinking framework, focusing on analyzing, evaluating,… Read Article →

Publish Stories on iPads

iPads are a great tool for content consumption but there are plenty of free iPad apps that help students create content too!  Our Story for iPad lets users write their own stories using images saved on their iPad camera roll.  Add text and record your voice for each page before sharing your final product as a PDF or zip file. Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans for teaching ELA on… Read Article →

Tellagami for Story Telling

There are so many great screencasting apps that I use in my classroom.  Tellagami is a fantastic free iPad app takes it to another level by allowing users to create their own avatars and place themselves anywhere they’d like (I’m “standing” in my classroom now.)  If you’re flipping your classroom, leaving a message for students to play when you’re pulled out for a meeting, or just looking to start off… Read Article →

Pic Collage to Make iPad Posters

You might have used a app like this to create a scrapbook page of family pictures but it can be easily used in the classroom.  Pic Collage is a free app that allows users to take multiple images and place them on a blank canvas or within borders and add text and captions.  Students in my class use pictures that they’ve taken themselves or gathered from Google Image search.  They… Read Article →

SnapGuide for How-Tos

I love learning new things and SnapGuide is a fantastic free app that you must explore! Pinterest is a great place for gathering new ideas, and SnapGuide takes this concept to a whole new level.  SnapGuide is full of how-to guides that show step-by-step instructions on how to complete a variety of tasks.  You and your students can even create your own how-to guides using this free service! Check out… Read Article →

Picture Perfect Behavior

There are lots of ways to create a classroom culture that rewards positive behavior. I love using the camera on my iPad to record “Picture Perfect” behavior. When I’m ready to start a lesson I want my students sitting up straight, with a pencil on their desk, and their iPads flipped over to prevent any distractions. Whether my iPad is tethered to my projector or I’m using AirPlay to project without… Read Article →