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BrainPop Espanol

13 Sep

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I’ve shared some of the reasons I love BrainPop and if you are working in a Spanish language, bilingual classroom, or just looking to support English Language Learners, BrainPop Espanol is a great resource. The iPad app and website has free daily videos and there is plenty for teachers to explore if you decide to create an account.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans that can be supported by showing a BrainPop video!

Read this post in Spanish!

This app is also available on Android devices.

Free iPad Apps for the K-5 Classroom

7 Apr

Thank you for attending my workshop this month!

If you weren’t able to make it, check out my presentation Free iPad Apps for the K-5 Classroom:

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Formative Assessment Tool

2 Jan
UPDATE 5/13: Understoodit is closing but here’s another similar option that let’s you take the pulse of your class during your instruction – PollEverywhere

photo-4If you are looking for a new formative assessment tool check out Understoodit.  Whether your students are on iPads or have access to the web from desktops, Understoodit is a fantastic free assessment tool that is perfect for collecting data when presenting new information to students.  As you speak, students press one of two buttons on a website unique to your class: “Confused” or “Understood” You’ll receive real-time data on how well your class understands your presentation.

At first I was hesitant to try Understooit with my fifth graders, since it seemed so perfect for university professors and high school teachers, but it worked great with my group.  I don’t normally teach by lecture so I had students first try it out while watching a BrainPop video.  This way it was easy for me to know when to pause and initiate a discussion when they were confused.  I’m gathering formative data and can alter my instruction by the minute!


4 Sep

Whether you’re a subscriber or not, the BrainPop app for the iPad (and the website for PCs) is a fun and interactive learning tool for students of all ages.  The website as well as the BrainPop app, is full of video explanation on a variety of topics as well as quizzes that monitor students’ understanding and retention of what they’ve just learned.  If you do have a subscription, you’ll be prompted to enter your login information when you click on a video that isn’t part of their free content.  For younger learners, check out the BrainPop Jr app and website.
















This app is also available on Android devices.

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