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Interactive Lesson Creator Monitor Progress with Stile

Create Interactive Lessons and Monitor Progress Live with Stile

Stile is a power tool for creating and teaching interactive lessons.  Not only can you quickly create interactive lessons, you can also monitor progress live and provide real-time feedback, all in a single platform.Lessons in Stile are built with an easy drag and drop lesson builder. Teachers can choose to add a variety of content including videos, mind maps, or multiple choice questions. It also lets users drag and drop images, graphs,… Read Article →

Create Rubrics Online with Quick Rubric Grading Tool 1

Create Rubrics Online with Quick Rubric Grading Tool

Quick Rubric is an online tool that lets users easily create rubrics.  Teachers can create a free account and design their own rubrics on the web.  Quick Rubric gives teachers a space to create, edit, copy, save, share, and print rubrics all from their web browser.  The straightforward interface lets teachers add columns and organize expectations as they design their assessment tool. This online tool for creating rubrics is completely free…. Read Article →

Edcite Free Digital Assignment Tool for Teachers 1

Edcite Free Digital Assignment Tool for Teachers

Edcite is a free website that allows teachers to find, create, or share interactive digital assignments and assessments. Edcite not only wants to give teachers autonomy and ownership over their content, but aims to make digital content engaging for students. Teachers can build their own assignments from the over 60 types of interactive questions (drag and drop, highlight text, label image) which Edcite offers. Edcite’s teacher-created content library has over 11,000 digital… Read Article →

TELL Test of English Language Learning: Tablet-Based Assessment

TELL Test of English Language Learning: Tablet-Based Assessment

Earlier this year Pearson launched TELL (Test of English Language Learning), a tablet-based assessment.  It was developed to support schools as they work with English Language Learners (ELLs) to build English language skills. TELL uses automated scoring technology to give teachers quick access to formative assessment data.  This information also helps district leaders by giving them the data they need to meet state and federal reporting requirements. TELL is an interactive assessment experience where… Read Article →

CanaryGrading: Review & Grade Student Work Anytime

CanaryGrading: Review & Grade Student Work Anytime

Earlier this year I shared Canaryflow, a workflow tool that makes it easier for teachers to assign lessons and students to submit work.  The team at Canary Learning has just introduced a grading tool called CanaryGrading.  In addition to handing out and collecting assignments teacher can also grade student work within the Canary Learning platform.  CanaryGrading makes it easy for teachers to review student work at anytime since it’s fully functional even when… Read Article →

Deliver Collaborative Lessons and Assessments with MimioMobile

Deliver Collaborative Lessons and Assessments with MimioMobile

This month Mimio launched MimioMobile for the Web — a new version of its MimioMobile application.  The web application lets educators deliver collaborative lessons and assessments to their entire class.  The release of their web version means that MimioMobile now works on virtually any device. MimioMobile now works on almost any device — Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, laptops, and even Chromebooks. The MimioMobile app will allow teachers to display student work to the whole class providing an… Read Article →

Turn Assessments into Fun Classroom Quizzes with Quizalize

Turn Assessments into Fun Classroom Quizzes with Quizalize

Quizalize is a great online tool that lets teachers turn quick classroom quizzes into exciting multi-player games.  Teachers can create a quiz on any subject they want or use one of the hundreds of quizzes teachers have already created in the Quizalize Marketplace.  Students can take the quiz on any device with a browser – laptop, tablet or smartphone – making it a great choice for BYOD learning environments. Teachers can choose to have all students… Read Article →

Online Math Homework: Problem Solving with SOLVY

SOLVY is a totally free online math homework platform for students, teachers and schools.  With SOLVY students can access math problems that have been handpicked by their teachers.  Teachers can assign exercises for students based on their interest and needs. They’ll receive notifications when students require extra support based on their homework performance. SOLVY can save teachers time, helping them use their time efficiently while providing a real world context for learning… Read Article →

Things to Learn - Study Tools for iOS

Things to Learn – Study Tools for iOS

Things to Learn Study Tools was first created to help students with little or no keyboard skills study for Spelling Bees on their own.  This app lets children listen to the words to spell and write the answer on their iPad using handwriting or the keyboard. Families and teachers can participate in the process by creating the tests, recording voice for the pronunciation of the word or choosing from one of the 27 text to… Read Article →

Questbase Online Tool: Organize, Manage & Deliver Assessment

QuestBase is an assessment tool that lets teachers create online quizzes, tests and exams. Teachers can add their own questions, import them from external files, set options (for example, randomization, time limits, grading, etc.) then tests are ready to be taken by students. Results are available in real-time, allowing teachers to save time.  Math equations and formulas can be used, together with several other features, to build your exams. QuestBase is not only a simple quiz maker,… Read Article →