ESL/ELD Digital Courseware by Teacher’s Discovery

14 May

VOCES-lady_holding_ADigital resources can be used to support students who are learning English as a second language.  Voces® ESL/ELD Digital Courseware by Teacher’s Discovery is a complete digital resource organized like a traditional textbook but with added digital features, like video, audio, and automatic grading. In addition to their ESL/ELD Digital Courseware, Voces also offers US History, Introductory Spanish, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Literature, Grammar & Writing, and Nonfiction.

Students and teachers can access this courseware on any type of electronic device (computers, tablets, laptops, smart phones) with an Internet connection. Voces® ESL/ELD Digital Courseware targets high school-aged students and focuses on beginner to low intermediate ELLs.  It has lots of practice activities and lessons encourage students to interact with the world around them and present, speak, listen, and learn.

Visit their website to learn more!

When do games inspire learning? Game-Based Learning Webinar May 18

13 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.45.54 PM

On May 18th, I am moderating a webinar on game-based learning in the classroom with leading expert Greg Toppo, USA Today’s K-12 education writer (and a former teacher).

Greg has been researching game-based learning in schools, and he recently wrote The Game Believes in You: How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter after finding himself surprised by the effectiveness of digital play in engaging students and fostering learning.

In the webinar, Greg will discuss:

  • Successful models for gamifying the learning experience
  • Common concerns about digital play in classrooms
  • Tools and strategies that work, based on his observation

Greg will be joined by Monique Choyce from LAUSD, will share observations from her classroom on the power of gamification.

There will also be ample time for Q&A with Greg and Monique!


Webinar Details:

GAME ON –USA Today & Distinguished Educators Share Gamification and Blended Learning Wins

May 18th, 3pm and 7pm EST

Register Here

iPad Animal Cam with Interactive Games for Students

12 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.26.27 PMVirry is an awesome app that students of all ages will love to explore.  It gives users access to live cams for different animals as well as tons of interactive content.  Kids can play games as they check out each animal, including lions, meerkats, giraffes, and more.

screen480x480-4Children can watch a lion move around a pen and learn about it’s feeding habits.  Students can gather information for a research project and find inspiration for persuasive writing.  Younger learners might simply make observations and ask questions about each animal.  There are lots of ways you can incorporate Virry into classroom instruction whether students are interacting with or consuming educational content.

This app is free to download and requires in app purchases to access additional content.


Tour National Parks: Virtual Field Trips on iPads

11 May

image (67)
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.11.33 AMWhether you’re planning an outdoor excursion or just want to show off the National Parks to your students, check out National Geographic‘s fantastic free app: National Parks by National Geographic.  With tons of information (and the option to upgrade for more) this app can be used for student research or virtual field trips!

It’s a great choice for students who may not be able to hike Bryce Canyon or schedule a visit to Yosemite. The photographs included in this app are absolutely breathtaking and perfect for inspiring students or all ages.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan on the Great Plains or my bundle of American History iPad lesson plans!

Stage App: Turn Your iPad into an Interactive Document Camera

10 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 2.54.05 PMTeachers in one iPad classrooms can turn their device into a document camera with lots of do-it-yourself tricks. The perfect app for turning your iPad into a presentation tool is Stage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera. It lets users switch from a white board, image background, and camera all while writing on the screen.  Extra in app purchases let you unlock other features but Stage has lots of options for teachers who want to make use of free tools.

Whether you have just a teacher iPad or are in a one-to-one classroom, this app provides plenty of choices for teachers looking to display and annotate student work.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans for teaching with iPads!

9 Apps for After School Programs

9 May

9 who feel limited in creativity and flexibility due to rigid curriculum can introduce engaging, educational apps into after school programming.  This part of the school day often gives students (and their teachers) more choice.

During this block of time you may want to incorporate one of these apps that promotes content creation and exploration:


Essential 21st Century Skill Support: Try Hopscotch with Your Students

8 May

screen480x480 Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.59.30 PMPreparing students for careers of the future is absolutely essential!  Although there are many terrific coding events that highlight the importance of computer science, you can bring these skills into your classroom regularly.  Hopscotch is a free app with lots of options for student users.  It’s a great choice for introducing kids to foundational concepts, bringing game play into your instruction, and turning students into creators.

If you’ve used Hopscotch before, check out my list of 6 Free Coding Apps for Students!

Here’s a link to my favorite math and science tech-friendly, Common Core lesson plans.

Crunched for time? Hopscotch is also a great choice for after school programs, centers, or coding clubs!

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