ClassDojo Groups: Monitor Participation & Collaboration

21 Jul

ClassDojo Groups: Monitor Participation & CollaborationI’m a big fan of ClassDojo and always excited to share news on updates to this powerful classroom management tool.  ClassDojo lets teachers keep track of student behavior in their classroom and keep families informed of student progress.  They’ve just launched a new feature that is perfect for teachers who encourage students to work together.  If your students are sitting in tables or working in teams you can reward participation and collaboration with the new ClassDojo Groups feature.

ClassDojo Groups: Monitor Participation & CollaborationTeachers can now award points to either an individual student or a group of students.  ClassDojo Groups can help motivate teamwork in your classroom.  This could be a table of students that sit together most of the day, a reading group that meets once a week, or a group of students who are working together on a short or long-term project.  The points that a group earns will also be visible on individual student profiles – making it easy for families to check in too.  ClassDojo Groups works on any iOS and Android device as well as any computer’s web browser.

Learn more about ClassDojo Groups by visiting their website!


Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas for iPad Teachers

20 Jul

Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas for iPad Teachers Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas for iPad TeachersStop Motion Studio is a filmmaking app that can be used across the content areas.  Similar to the Lego movies you may have seen made by filmmakers on YouTube or claymation characters moving across the screen.  In the classroom teachers are using this app to have students demonstrate their understanding of content in lots of subject areas.

This app combines still images to make a stop motion animation film. In the Social Studies classroom students can move figurines across the screen to show a historical event in action.  In the Math classroom students can use virtual manipulatives to model the solution to a math problem.

Apple has created an iBook full of lesson ideas for teachers using Stop Motion Studio with their students.  It includes activities for Science, Social Studies, and more.

Visit the iBookstore to check out the Stop Motion Studio Ideas iBook or download Stop Motion Studio from the App Store!

ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary Classroom

19 Jul

ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary has a large collections of SMART Board lessons for elementary school teachers.  Their Notebook lessons work with SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems and cover a variety of topics. Created by the same team as SuperTeacherWorksheets, ModernChalkboard has tons of resources for teachers looking to energize their SMART Board lessons.

ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary ClassroomThere are plenty of interactive math activities on topics that include perimeter, telling time, counting money, and fractions.  Electricity, human body, and the solar system are just a few of the science topics you’ll find. ModernChalkboard also includes interactive classroom calendars, social studies topics, grammar lessons, and early literacy.

ModernChalkboard is offering two promotions: use the code TWENTY to save $20 on individual memberships or the code SMART for $100 off a school site license membership.

You can check out a some of ModernChalkboard’s free SMART Notebook files on their site!

Age of Explorers: iPad Game from the History Channel

18 Jul

Age of Explorers: iPad Game from the History Channel There are lots of great educational apps from the History Channel, and I’ve shared a few I like earlier this year.  The new app Age of Explorers lets students navigate the seas alongside famous historical figures.  Completely free and plenty of fun, Age of Explorers asks students to follow the journey of different explorers from Christopher Columbus to Vasco Da Gama.  They’ll earn points and unlock new levels as they make their way across the world.

Age of Explorers: iPad Game from the History ChannelThis iPad app might be something that you use to grab the attention of students before kicking off a new unit of study.  You might also add it to a parent newsletter to keep families aware of games that connect to your curriculum.

Visit the Apple App Store to download Age of Explorers!

15 Free Apps for Math Practice

17 Jul

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PicsArt for Kids: Android App for Students

16 Jul

PicsArt for Kids: Android App for StudentsPicsArt for Kids is a new app for Android devices designed for children ages 3-8.  Kids can access animation tools that let them create pictures straight from their tablet.  Designed to help spark imagination and creativity among students, this app can be used inside and outside of the classroom.  The kid-friendly interface is easy to navigate and gives children lots of choices.

PicsArt for Kids: Android App for StudentsMobile devices are fantastic creation tools for students of all ages. The PicsArt for Kids app includes features to inspire young artists including interactive animations, sounds and different brush strokes. Kids can trace and outline shapes as they create.  There are free coloring pages and extras to download with in in-app purchases.  Students can explore colors and shape as they use different brushes and artistic tools.

Visit the Google Play Store to download the PicsArt for Kids app!

4 Web Tools for Studying Vocabulary Words

15 Jul

4Here’s a preview of my post for Channel One News – click on the link below to read more!

A robust vocabulary readies students for a college education and a career. Knowledge of vocabulary words enable them to analyze topics and demonstrate understanding, including domain-specific vocabulary words when reading, writing, speaking and listening about a particular topic.

Many web tools can help to support students as they expand their vocabulary, particularly students who benefit from audio and visual support. Combining traditional vocabulary practice with web tools is a great way to motivate students of any age — especially those who are more inclined to use web tools as part of their study routine.


With Quizlet, teachers and students can easily create flashcard decks and word lists for their own use or to share with others. As students assign definitions to each word, the site searches through…

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