Memorado for Brain Games

12 Feb

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 1.57.14 PM screen480x480Logic puzzles and brain games are a great tool for supporting critical thinking skills.  They ask students to think on their feet, pay attention to details, and make decisions based on logic and reasoning.  Memorado is an iOS app with lots of games for users to choose from.  Great for learners of all ages, this app could be used in stations throughout the day or as an enrichment activity afterschool.  It comes with plenty of free content and the option to upgrade for a personalized learning plan.

Visit the App Store to check out Memorado!

Leverage the Power of Apps with KONGcart Bundle

11 Feb

DSC_0059 (2)Earlier this year I shared the KONGcart Bundle which makes it easy for teachers to move around the classroom while using technology with their students.  There are lots of ways that teachers are combining hardware and software to create an engaging learning experience for their students.

DSC_0062 (2)Many apps and programs make tablets work like Interactive Whiteboards and give teachers the option of being un-tethered from the front of the classroom.  This idea of leveraging the power of apps while projecting wirelessly makes tablet integration simpler during whole class instruction.  The KONGcart Bundle provides a home for the tablet as well as the other elements of a digital classroom: a Casio LED projector that doesn’t require lamp replacement and a 30W sound system that comes with an optional wireless mic with a 6 year warranty.

Having all of these items in one bundle can make technology integration easier for schools and teachers.  Learn more about the KONGcart Bundle by visiting their website!

Interactive iBook for Families Using iPads

10 Feb

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 6.23.19 AMThis past year I’ve had the privilege of working with LitWorld, a nonprofit organization based in New York City.  We’ve developed an intergenerational iPad literacy program for families to come together and explore community building and storytelling on tablets.  To help support the families in this program, we’ve created an interactive iBook LitWorld’s Story21 Prep Course: Tech Tips for Parents.

It includes videos, narrated text, and graphics to help parents using iPads with their children.  The content is available in both English and Spanish and available for offline viewing.  We hope that you’ll download this iBook and share it with anyone interested in using this amazing device in their homes.

Learn more about LitWorld by visiting their website and download the book from the iBookstore!

Super Fun Approach to Teaching Geometry on iPads & iPhones

9 Feb

Screenshot 2015-01-02 13.11.10The Land of Venn is a powerful iOS game that seamlessly integrates learning on both iPads and iPhones.  Perfect for a wide range of students, it uses a storytelling narrative to engage children with math vocabulary and math concepts.  Students are given the task of saving The Land of Venn by creating different shapes.  As they make straight lines, quadrilaterals, and triangles kids will strengthen their understanding of geometry concepts and build their math vocabulary.

Screenshot 2015-01-02 13.10.46Students move through levels in this math adventure to tackle problems that increase in difficulty.  The Land of Venn is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for first through fourth grade.  It can be used as an intervention tool or refresher for older students who need to have a solid foundation of geometry concepts as they move through middle school.  Students will interact with content in a hands-on manner and walk away with a better understanding of geometric shapes.

Learn more by visiting the App Store or watching this video!


Introduce Informational Text with Current Events on Mobile Devices

8 Feb
PastedGraphic-10mzl.lyabnhcxOver the past few months I’ve shared some of the reasons why News-O-Matic is a terrific resource for informational text and social studies.  Current events are a wonderful way to engage students in nonfiction reading.  Whether you’re looking for world or national news stories, or articles on sports and entertainment, News-O-Matic publishes five new passages for students to read each day.  This app is available on all mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle) and perfect for elementary school students and has lots of special features.
News-O-Matic is bilingual and offers each of their daily articles in English and Spanish.  Students can switch back and forth and hear both texts read aloud.  There are assessment questions that give teachers an understanding of well a student was able to comprehend what they read.  These questions can be customized and are aligned to the Common Core.  Each article can be tailored to multiple reading levels making it easy to differentiate instruction.
Visit their website to learn more!

7 Apps for Helping Others

7 Feb

Apps forHere’s a preview of my new post for Edutopia – click on the link below to read more!

Teaching children about empathy and giving them the inspiration and know-how to support their peers is a life-skill lesson that plays an important part in the classroom. Students should understand the power of collaboration and what it means to come together for a common mission. The umbrella of helping others can include working with a friend, making a difference in the world, and taking time to show people that you care.

When thinking about the best way to teach students how to help others, iPads probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. There are mobile apps that empower students to create and share with one another, learn about the needs of others around the world, and post or send their knowledge and favorite tips for anyone to see. Explore the following list of iPad apps to gather ideas about using tablets as a medium for teaching students how to help others.

Drawing Together!

Drawing Together! is very cool app that lets users of any age wirelessly connect their iPad screens. Students can…

…Click HERE to read more!

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Toontastic is Now Free! An Amazing Storytelling Tool for Students

6 Feb

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.18.04 AMThe past few weeks I’ve been traveling around the country sharing my favorite digital storytelling tools with teachers.  There are many that I love to talk about and one on my list is Toontastic.  As a classroom teacher I used this with students to retell stories and short passages we explored in class.  In family programming at LitWorld we’ve used this app to help families tell their own imaginative tales working together on an iPad.

Toontastic has just been acquired by Google and is now completely FREE for everyone!  This amazing app is a must-have in all classrooms.  There are lots of K-12 uses across the content areas and plenty of resources on their website.  I’m so excited that this is now easily available for teachers, students, and storytellers of all ages.

Don’t wait any longer – download Toontastic for FREE today!

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