Action Graphing: Math & Physics iPad App

19 Aug

Action Graphing: Multitouch Math Practice iPad App Gamification is a powerful way to engage students in the science and math classroom. The Universe and More, a nonprofit company founded by a high school teacher, has released a new game called Action Graphing. This iPad app helps students understand key concepts related to graphing.  Students will learn how to analyze and interpret graphs to model the motion of real objects.  They’ll see how the slope of the line represents an object’s velocity and the y-intercept of the line represents the object’s position.

Action Graphing: Multitouch Math Practice iPad AppAction Graphing helps teachers differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of individual students during graphing lessons.  It’s a great option for students who need extra practice at home or for teachers to recommend to families during an Open School Night.  Action Graphing has over sixty levels for students to move through and saves data to document student progress.

Visit Action Graphing’s website to learn more!

Promote Collaboration with Free Lesson Plans from Cashtivity

18 Aug
Promote Collaboration with Free Lesson Plans from Cashtivity Earlier this summer I shared Cashtivity, an engaging platform for entrepreneurship education and project-based learning.  I’ve had the opportunity to contribute lesson plans to Cashtivity’s new Campus section of their website.  These lesson plans compliment the Cashtivity platform and were designed to help teachers integrate the business building tool into their school day.
Promote Collaboration with Free Lesson Plans from CashtivityOne lesson plan I’ve designed for Cashtivity is titled Brainstorming: Conversing and Collaborating About New Ideas.   In this lesson students will brainstorm a list of ideas, converse and collaborate with peers, and record and organize their ideas.  This lesson can be used when you’re getting started with Cashtivity and introducing core concepts to students.  Just like Cashtivity, these lesson plans are completely free.  They are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
Check out the lesson plans and learn more about Cashtivity by visiting their website!

Roald Dahl’s Twit or Miss iPad Game

17 Aug

Roald Dahl's Twit or Miss iPad Game If you’re looking for a fun extension to a reading activity in your classroom, Penguin Books has a free iPad app that connects to a favorite Roald Dahl book.  Twit or Miss is an iOS game that brings the characters of The Twits to life.  Students can play along with characters from the Roald Dahl classic on their iPad screen.

Roald Dahl's Twit or Miss iPad GameThis is definitely a silly app but is well worth exploring if you’d like to engage readers inside and outside of the classroom.  It could serve as a recommendation on a family newsletter or something that students can explore during a transition time.

Learn more about Roald Dahl’s Twit or Miss iPad game by visiting the Apple App Store! for Student Creativity & Success

16 Aug for Student Creativity & Success

Creativity in the classroom can facilitate successful learning. Incorporating the creative process into lessons enhances engagement, increases retention, and encourages communication. Students of all ages benefit from a clear demonstration of a lesson. Comprehension can be strengthened when creativity is incorporated. gives students the tools to combine imagination with information through a fun and unique storytelling platform. for Student Creativity & SuccessBuncee’s classroom dashboard lets teachers guide their students through each step of the learning process.  It enables them to provide their students with creative assignments to spark idea generation and peak their interest. Whether teachers assign a buncee writing prompt or an engaging and interactive lesson, students who use buncee will exercise their creativity while becoming media-literate.

Head to buncee’s Author’s Corner to find examples of lesson ideas and activities that will be sure to ignite student creativity!

Chromebook Users! Explain Everything Available for Back-to-School

15 Aug

Chromebook Users! Explain Everything Available for Back-to-School

One of my favorite mobile apps to share with tablet teachers is Explain Everything.  This powerful screencasting tool lets students record their thinking using audio, drawing and a variety of features.  When I present to teachers on digital storytelling, apps for content area instruction, and must-have tools for the math classroom, Explain Everything is always a favorite.  It is a dynamic choice for students and teachers and truly puts the task before the app.

Explain Everything is now available for Chromebooks and teachers and students can try it for free!  This is terrific option for schools that have chosen Chromebooks as their one-to-one device.  Explain Everything is also a great choice for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schools since it is now available on all major platforms.

Learn more about Explain Everything on Chromebooks by visiting their website!

WriteLab: Strengthen Writing Skills & Provide Feedback

14 Aug
WriteLab: Strengthen Writing Skills & Collaborate WriteLab is a powerful online tool built by writing teachers for students and other writing teachers. Students can upload or compose writing on any topic on WriteLab’s website and receive customized feedback. It offers immediate, neutral, non-judgmental and constructive responses to any writer’s prose. WriteLab helps students strengthen their writing while also providing a platform for peer collaboration and thoughtful teacher feedback.
WriteLab: Strengthen Writing Skills & Collaborate One thing that makes WriteLab stand out is how it focuses on decisions writers make rather than correcting grammatical errors.  It uses machine learning to teach its algorithms to learn from user’s choices as they revise and edit — not only offering customized responses, but also continuously improving the effectiveness of its feedback.  Teachers who use WriteLab in their classrooms can also access analytics illustrating how students have strengthened their writing across multiple drafts and essays.
Learn more by visiting WriteLab’s website!
If you’d like to work with WriteLab as a pilot classroom this school year contact:



Video Resources from OpenEd Online Library

13 Aug

Video Resources from OpenEd Online LibraryEarlier this year I shared OpenEd, an online educational resource library for K-12 students. OpenEd offers over a million assessments, homework assignments, videos, instructional games and lesson plans for every Common Core Math and English/Language Arts Standard as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. The website has tons of videos to show students that can be used to hook students at the beginning of a lesson or to clarify concepts during a unit of study. This infographic shows off some relatively unknown video publishers with videos in OpenEd’s library.

OpenEd lets teachers assign quizzes and homework to  students and automatically grades them, recommending videos and assignments in real-time and personalized based on each student’s progress in learning each Common Core standard. The result is a personalized learning experience for every student.

Check out some of the videos OpenEd offers or learn more about its resources by visiting the OpenEd website!

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