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Flocabulary Educational Hip-Hop Videos and FREE Trial 1

Flocabulary Educational Hip-Hop Videos and FREE Trial

Flocabulary is a terrific resource for teachers looking for engaging, educational videos to share with students. These hip-hop music videos present students with information on a variety of topics. A great choice for hooking students at the beginning of a lesson to grab their attention and prompt a discussion. Teachers can use these videos for review at the end of the unit or have students watch at home in a… Read Article →

Learn Basic Principles of Sound with Sound Uncovered 1

Learn Basic Principles of Sound with Sound Uncovered

Students can learn the basic principles of sound with the Sound Uncovered app from Exploratorium.  This very interesting app is full of information to help students of all ages better understand sound.  Although this is a concept that might feel hard to explain, Sound Uncovered makes the topic more accessible for students. Using the high quality sound of an iPad, Sound Uncovered lets users explore the basic principles of sound.  It… Read Article →

Deeper Learning Cover Image

My New Book! Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m beyond excited to share with you my new book for Corwin Publishing, Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom! It’s a resource for educators looking to thoughtfully and purposefully integrate scannable technology into their learning environment. There are tales from my one-to-one classroom and stories contributed by amazing educators from around the world. Deeper Learning includes my ACES Framework for scannable technology integration,… Read Article →

Super Bowl Themed ELA & Math Questions from Edcite

Super Bowl Themed ELA & Math Questions from Edcite

 Formative assessments and homework don’t have to be boring. There are ways to assess the skills you’re teaching and make content engaging at the same time. Edcite is a digital platform that offers teachers the flexibility to create standards-aligned questions for any topic or current event. Giving students content that relates to their interests is a great way to ensure engagement. With Super Bowl 50 around the corner, why not… Read Article →

Easy Music App to Learn Notes, Rhythm & Melody 1

Easy Music App to Learn Notes, Rhythm & Melody

Easy Music is an interactive mobile app for students to help them learn basic musical concepts.  This Easy Music app is a great introduction to concepts like recognizing notes and rhythm.  Designed for kids over five years old, this app lets kids experience rhythm and melody. With this app kids can play around with different instruments and listen to music.  In this Easy Music app students can play in practice mode or compose… Read Article →

Interactive Lesson Creator Monitor Progress with Stile

Create Interactive Lessons and Monitor Progress Live with Stile

Stile is a power tool for creating and teaching interactive lessons.  Not only can you quickly create interactive lessons, you can also monitor progress live and provide real-time feedback, all in a single platform.Lessons in Stile are built with an easy drag and drop lesson builder. Teachers can choose to add a variety of content including videos, mind maps, or multiple choice questions. It also lets users drag and drop images, graphs,… Read Article →


Chat-Based, On-Demand Tutoring Service from GradeSlam

GradeSlam is an unlimited, chat-based, on-demand tutoring service.  It supports students in all subjects and levels.  GradeSlam tutors are online 24/7 so students can log on anytime and speak with a tutor.  This means students can access support in any time zone, any time of day – think of it like a Netflix for tutoring.  All tutoring sessions are conducted via chat and with the click of a button, students can… Read Article →

ClassDojo Video Series on Growth Mindset

ClassDojo Video Series on Growth Mindset

 ClassDojo is a powerful classroom management tool used by teachers around the world.  The folks at ClassDojo are launching a video series and accompanying discussion guides all about Growth Mindset.  The goal of the ClassDojo video series is to help any and every classroom learn about growth mindset and how to start developing one. The series will be five episodes in length that follow Mojo (ClassDojo’s much loved green monster) and his… Read Article →

iPad Storybook Billy's Coin Visits the Zoo

iPad Storybook: Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo

Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo is a whimsical iPad storybook from Spinlight Studios.  This eBook app tells the story of a boy who drops his coin at the zoo.  The story follows the adventures of the coin page by page.  One thing I love about interactive storybooks is how it supports independent readers.  With Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo students can follow along as they listen to a narrator tell the story…. Read Article →

ClassDojo Principal Accounts for School Leaders 1

ClassDojo Principal Accounts for School Leaders

Over the past few years I’ve shared some of the reasons why I’m a big fan of ClassDojo.  This app is a powerful tool for building classroom communities and keeping parents engaged and informed.  The folks at ClassDojo have found a way to help school leaders build a stronger school community.  This new tool will give principals and other school leaders a view of student progress and the ability to… Read Article →