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How-To: Link Google Forms to QR Codes

28 Dec

I’ve shared some of the reasons that I love Google Forms, including how they can be used to collect assessment data.  Google Forms can also be used for students to turn in information.  They might fill out a Google Form to submit a book recommendation, request extra help, or to complete an interest survey.

Google Forms have very long web addresses and it would be unreasonable to expect students to type in the whole thing correctly.  You can make the Google Form link smaller by using a URL shortener like or  Another option is to connect the link to a QR code.  This way students can scan the QR code with an app like i-nigma on their mobile device and they’ll be taken directly to the Google Form.

Here’s how it works:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.41.12 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.41.44 AM

Check out my iBook all about QR codes or take a look at my QR code lesson plans!

Puzzle Making with Stick Around

27 Dec

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 5.39.37 PMscreen480x480-1Stick Around is a super fun app that students and teachers can use to make puzzles straight from their iPad.  I have the chance to talk to lots of teachers about ways to use iPads in their classrooms and this is a great example of a content creation app that can be used in multiple subject areas.  Teachers can create interactive assignments for students and children of all ages can demonstrate their understanding of a concept.

This app is easy to use and perfect for iPad classrooms.  Visit their website to learn more!

iBook: iOS Accessibility Tools

26 Dec

accessibility-230x300If you are using iPads in your classroom you’ll want to check out the amazing accessibility tools that can help all of your students interact with their device.  Jenny Grabiec is an Apple Distinguished Educator who has created a fantastic iBook that makes it simple for teachers to understand the accessibility features available on iPads.  You can download the book for free and explore these tools in iBooks on your iPad or Mac computer.

Google Forms Spotlight: Formative Assessment Checklists

23 Dec

I am a big fan of Google Forms – a fantastic customizable survey tool.  If you have access to Google Drive through your school email address or have set up your own for free, then you can create amazing forms to meet the needs of your classroom.  A Google Form is a survey tool that lets you pick and choose what type of questions you want to include.  You can access Google Forms that you have created on any web browser (laptop, iPhone, Android tablet, etc).  When you submit data into the form the information goes to a spreadsheet that is automatically created for every Google Form you make.Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.14.02 AM

The example on this post is a Math Checklist.  It shows how you can combine a short text response (objective) with a grid (rows and columns with student name and level of mastery) and with a paragraph text response (extra notes).  When you open up this form each day you can type in the objective and note student performance.  All of the information pops up in the spreadsheet shown below with a time stamp.Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.18.36 AM

Google Forms are great tools for collecting student data especially during formative assessment opportunities.  Try using this tool to gather information on student performance in your learning environment!

I’ve hosted many webinars on Google Forms – check out my Events page to see what’s on my calendar!

MONKEYmount 280 Universal Tablet Stand

21 Dec

ape_stand_141113_0082Earlier this year I shared MONKEYmount 280 a very cool stand that works with any tablet, including iPads.  With this stand you can turn your iPad into a document camera without having to invest in a new piece of technology.  It can be used with an HDMI projector or flat screen to mirror what is happening on your iPad screen.  This can even be done wirelessly so that students can easily follow along with each tap and swipe on your iPad screen.

MNKYmnt portrait modeIf you’re looking for a last minute gift for your favorite teacher or looking for a new addition to your classroom in 2015 you’ll definitely want to check this out.  Teachers can easily pivot and rotate their device to get the perfect view.  It makes it simple to show off a page from a book using your iPad camera or accessing an app at eye level while managing the students in your class.

Learn more by visiting their website!

Quick Flashcard Creation and Export​ on iPads

20 Dec

IMG_0420Synopsis is a completely free iPad app for students that lets users create notes by highlighting different sections of a PDF document. Students can then modify the notes they have created by adding their own text. Synopsis gives students the power to summarize any text so they won’t need to go back to a PDF document to study material.  Each individual note can be converted to its own flashcard there is no need to buy flashcards or type and create your own.

IMG_0421Users can now export their flashcards to their Quizlet account.  All of these flashcards can be created on the go, as you read through study material on your iPad.  Once each flashcard is saved, Synopsis has introduced a new feature to export all your flashcards to your Quizlet account. Teachers and students can even share the flashcards they have created to make it easy for anyone to access and study.

Learn more about Synopsis by visiting their website or watching this video!


Drawing in the Science & STEM Classroom

19 Dec

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.32.21 AMDrawp for School is a great tool for managing workflow in a one-to-one classroom and can be used across the content areas.  With this app students complete tasks designed by the teacher.  This can include drawing a picture or labeling a diagram.  Drawp is as flexible as paper – it can be used with any subject.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.32.07 AMIn the science and STEM classrooms students can complete a variety of tasks that demonstrate their understanding.  This could include snapping a picture of a plant in a school garden and labeling each part or creating a model of s cell and naming each part.  Students can represent data with graphs and charts and show how well they have grasped a concept.  Drawp for School lets teachers create engaging and innovative tasks for their students that are tailored to specific tasks in any subject.

Visit Drawp for School’s website to learn more!

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