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Digital Writing for Classrooms- Write About Web Tool & App-min

Digital Writing for Classrooms: Write About Web Tool & App

Are you using digital writing tools with students? The team at Write About has developed an online platform and mobile app to help students grow as writers inside and outside of the classroom. I’ve shared their iPad app across the country during professional development sessions on Writing Workshop with Technology with teachers. I’m very excited about their website! The Write About digital writing tool gives users access to: hundreds of visual ideas to… Read Article →

DiskoPets Educational Cartoon Game for Kids

DiskoPets Educational Cartoon Game for Kids

Looking for an educational game with cartoon characters? DiskoPets is an online, cartoon-based virtual world designed to provide students with a customizable educational experience. Currently in Kickstarter mode, DiskoPets was created to keep students entertained as they interact with an educational cartoon that includes a variety of content. They will adopt a pet and explore the cartoon world as they move through different games.  … DiskoPets gives students space to be… Read Article →


11 Must-Have Tech Resources for Parents

As a classroom teacher, parents often came to me looking for mobile apps, websites and resources to help their children grow as students. This list can be shared with families at a back-to-school night or open house. You might choose a few of these ideas to share on a monthly newsletter or simply forward this blog post to families. Here are a few of my favorite tech resources for parents!… Read Article →

TRAIN Classroom Management Data Collection Tool-min

TRAIN Classroom Management Data Collection Tool

Are you collecting useful data? The numbers and information we have access to on each student rarely tells the whole picture. The folks at TRAIN (Teachers Reporting Any Incidents and Needs) have created an app to help educators collect school-wide data on classroom management data challenges. Teachers can enter reports on students behavior in seconds – and address urgent issues right away. With TRAIN educators can provide more consistent feedback about their students to… Read Article →

10 Favorite Educational YouTube Channels

10 Favorite Educational YouTube Channels

YouTube is a powerful resource for teaching and learning – if you know where to look. This list of must-watch educational YouTube channels are perfect for finding  video clips to share with students in class or in a flipped learning environment. As opposed to an individual video, channels are created by individuals and organizations and are full of related content. You’ll also find resources for educators to help boost content knowledge and introduce teaching… Read Article →

Get Parents More Involved in Your Classroom with SimplyCircle-min

Get Parents More Involved in Your Classroom with SimplyCircle

You may have seen my list of 6 Tools for Communicating with Parents featured earlier this week (link below!). Here’s another to add to your list: SimplyCircle is an online parent communication portal for classrooms, schools, and parent groups. It is private, secure, and easy to use. It has both free and paid plans. The free plan lets you create a free private website for your classroom: You can share updates… Read Article →


6 Tools for Communicating with Parents

This weekend I shared some of my favorite tech tools at a SimpleK12 webinar for hundreds of teachers! I love having the opportunity to talk to teachers about some of the amazing technology resources that are available. Whether traveling to schools or sharing favorites virtually, I’ve seen so many teachers excited about the tech tools for communicating with parents on this list. Here are a few of my favorite tech… Read Article →

Online Rubrics and Grading Support from BoomWriter PRO 1

Online Rubrics and Grading Support from BoomWriter PRO

BoomWriter PRO is a tool for teachers that includes online rubrics and grading support. Teachers can access rubrics and student progress analytics to simplify the grading process. Customized rubrics are available for the upper elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. Teachers can use BoomWriter PRO to access standards-based rubrics to assess their students’ performance and skills in virtually all areas of writing.  …. In addition to accessing online rubrics, teachers can use… Read Article →

Word Building App Planet Lettra Strengthen Phonemic Awareness 2

Word Building App Planet Lettra: Strengthen Phonemic Awareness

In the literacy classroom, iPads can be used for center activities, with small group instruction or in whole class activities. Planet Lettra is a word building app that helps students develop phonemic awareness. In this playful, interactive environment, students can freely experiment with word building. Letter bubbles float around the screen and guide players in building different words.  ….. Planet Lettra provides support for emerging readers and the contents of any bubble can… Read Article →

Printables and PDFs on the Web for Reading, Math & More 1

Printables and PDFs on the Web for Reading, Math & More

I know how challenging it can be to find the perfect resource to support students as they build English Language Arts and math skills. You might be looking for a practice activity for your whole class, a small group, or just a select number of students who need extra help or enrichment. The folks at Super Teacher Worksheets have over 10,000 printables on the site. It’s more than just worksheets on Super Teacher. You’ll find… Read Article →