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15 Free Apps for Classroom Management

30 Jul

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FrontRow Sound Technology to Increase Attention and Engagement

29 Jul

FrontRow Sound Technology to Increase Attention and EngagementJuno from FrontRow is a voice activated sound system that records lessons and helps teachers manage their classroom.  Teachers can control the volume of their voice in the room as they transition from whole group instruction, small group support, and one-on-one intervention.  With voice commands they can even tell the system to start a lesson capture to record the screen that displays their lesson.

FrontRow Sound Technology to Increase Attention and EngagementOne of the great things about having more control over the volume in your classroom is the increased attentiveness of students who know when to tune in for instructions and resume group or independent work.  FrontRow’s sound technology can help students stay on task and focused during all parts of a lesson.  Juno from FrontRow was recently recognized by IBCCES for the ways that this sound technology can help students with autism in classroom settings.

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4 Website Resources: Zoos and Animal Spaces

25 Jul

4 Website Resources: Zoos and Online Animal SpacesHere’s a preview of my post for Teachability – click on the link below to read more!

There are tons of fantastic online resources that can bring animals from around the world into your classroom.  Many zoos and organizations have web cams that let kids watch animals in action. Others have websites full of information on the different animals under a zoologist’s care.  Here are some great website resources that give teachers and students access to zoos and other online animal spaces.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo’s website includes pages on different animals and video clips.  Students can read about Giant Pandas and Koalas or watch video clips on leopards and lemurs.  There are also live cams that take students into…

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Collect Your Favorite Online Classroom Resources with appoLearning

22 Jul

Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of helping the folks at appoLearning rate and review educational apps.  Their new website has a fantastic tool for teachers that lets users group their favorite online resources – all in one place.  So if you have a handful of favorite websites, apps and videos that you love to use in your classroom you can now create collections of resources.

Collect Your Favorite Online Classroom Resources with appoLearning

Creating a collection is super easy.  After logging in to your free account, you can create a collection on a specific topic.  Then you can search through appoLearning for different websites, apps and videos related to you topic.  While appoLearning has thousands of expert-vetted resources to choose from, you can also add your own app, video, website or document by pasting in a link or uploading a file from your local drive.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.12.00 AMHere’s a link to one of the collections I’ve made on appoLearning.  The topic I chose was Informational Text and I filled my collection with lots of online resources and favorite apps.  I simply searched using keywords like “nonfiction” and “current events” and a whole bunch of choices popped up.  I added the ones that I already love, and new ones I found interesting, to my collection.  Since you can add documents to your collection, I even uploaded a PDF saved on my computer.

I created a public collection so that anyone can see it.  Next time I am working with a group of teachers looking to integrate digital texts into their English Language Arts instruction, I can share the link to my appoLearning collection so they can see my favorites too.  Teachers can use appoLearning collections as they plan lessons, reflect on a unit they’ve already taught, or create a list of resources to share with parents and students.  You might decide to create a private collection that only you can view.  This is a great choice if your collection is a work in progress.

Learn more about appoLearning by visiting their website and create your own collections for free!


ClassDojo Groups: Monitor Participation & Collaboration

21 Jul

ClassDojo Groups: Monitor Participation & CollaborationI’m a big fan of ClassDojo and always excited to share news on updates to this powerful classroom management tool.  ClassDojo lets teachers keep track of student behavior in their classroom and keep families informed of student progress.  They’ve just launched a new feature that is perfect for teachers who encourage students to work together.  If your students are sitting in tables or working in teams you can reward participation and collaboration with the new ClassDojo Groups feature.

ClassDojo Groups: Monitor Participation & CollaborationTeachers can now award points to either an individual student or a group of students.  ClassDojo Groups can help motivate teamwork in your classroom.  This could be a table of students that sit together most of the day, a reading group that meets once a week, or a group of students who are working together on a short or long-term project.  The points that a group earns will also be visible on individual student profiles – making it easy for families to check in too.  ClassDojo Groups works on any iOS and Android device as well as any computer’s web browser.

Learn more about ClassDojo Groups by visiting their website!


Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas for iPad Teachers

20 Jul

Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas for iPad Teachers Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas for iPad TeachersStop Motion Studio is a filmmaking app that can be used across the content areas.  Similar to the Lego movies you may have seen made by filmmakers on YouTube or claymation characters moving across the screen.  In the classroom teachers are using this app to have students demonstrate their understanding of content in lots of subject areas.

This app combines still images to make a stop motion animation film. In the Social Studies classroom students can move figurines across the screen to show a historical event in action.  In the Math classroom students can use virtual manipulatives to model the solution to a math problem.

Apple has created an iBook full of lesson ideas for teachers using Stop Motion Studio with their students.  It includes activities for Science, Social Studies, and more.

Visit the iBookstore to check out the Stop Motion Studio Ideas iBook or download Stop Motion Studio from the App Store!

ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary Classroom

19 Jul

ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary has a large collections of SMART Board lessons for elementary school teachers.  Their Notebook lessons work with SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems and cover a variety of topics. Created by the same team as SuperTeacherWorksheets, ModernChalkboard has tons of resources for teachers looking to energize their SMART Board lessons.

ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary ClassroomThere are plenty of interactive math activities on topics that include perimeter, telling time, counting money, and fractions.  Electricity, human body, and the solar system are just a few of the science topics you’ll find. ModernChalkboard also includes interactive classroom calendars, social studies topics, grammar lessons, and early literacy.

ModernChalkboard is offering two promotions: use the code TWENTY to save $20 on individual memberships or the code SMART for $100 off a school site license membership.

You can check out a some of ModernChalkboard’s free SMART Notebook files on their site!

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