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iPad's in Space! Stephen Hawking's Snapshots of the Universe

iPads in Space! Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe

Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe is a terrific iPad app for students.  This app includes ten experiments for students to work through.  Students will learn about planets and gravity while creating their own solar system and piloting a ship to Mars.  Beautifully designing and visually pleasing, Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe will grab the attention of students of all ages. This app includes videos and informational text that… Read Article →

Explore the Solar System on iPads with Professor Astro Cat

Taking students on field trips around the solar system might not be an option at your school.  If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System app for iPads.  This beautifully designed app was just released on the Apple App Store.  Based on the best-selling book, Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space, students can use this powerful iPad app to learn about the solar system. Students… Read Article →

Science4Us Digital Science Curriculum: Includes Embedded PD Resources

Science4Us is a standards-based digital science curriculum that teaches science using the 5E inquiry-based instructional model. In addition to over 350 digital games and online activities, there are tons of offline experiments and hands-on projects to keep students engaged and excited about science.  It’s a great choice for teachers looking to include cross-curricular activities that connect science instruction to math and language arts. Students will also learn the importance of notetaking and observing, with their very own… Read Article →

Global Oneness Project: Free Multicultural Stories & Lesson Plans

I love free resources and here’s one perfect for teachers of multiple disciplines!  The Global Oneness Project offers free multicultural stories and accompanying lesson plans for high school and college classrooms.  Their award-winning collection of films, photo essays, and articles explore cultural, social, and environmental issues from around the world with a humanistic lens.  Aligned to National and Common Core Standards, their curriculum content contains an interdisciplinary approach to learning and facilitates the development… Read Article →

Explore Congress on iPads: Multimedia, Facts & Local Reps

MyCongress is an iPad app that helps students and teachers learn more about the folks that represent each state.  Users can search and bookmark different representatives.  The information with each entry includes Twitter links, video clips and information on each person’s background. This app could be used with students investigating their local representatives or learning more about a particular part of the country.  It’s an easy reference tool for students using… Read Article →

ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary Classroom has a large collections of SMART Board lessons for elementary school teachers.  Their Notebook lessons work with SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems and cover a variety of topics. Created by the same team as SuperTeacherWorksheets, ModernChalkboard has tons of resources for teachers looking to energize their SMART Board lessons. There are plenty of interactive math activities on topics that include perimeter, telling time, counting money, and fractions.  Electricity, human body, and… Read Article →

Age of Explorers: iPad Game from the History Channel

There are lots of great educational apps from the History Channel, and I’ve shared a few I like earlier this year.  The new app Age of Explorers lets students navigate the seas alongside famous historical figures.  Completely free and plenty of fun, Age of Explorers asks students to follow the journey of different explorers from Christopher Columbus to Vasco Da Gama.  They’ll earn points and unlock new levels as they… Read Article →

3D Cell Simulation: Videos, Models and More

Whether you have one teacher iPad to lead a demonstration or a handful to distribute to your students, there are powerful apps for the science classroom.  Students can explore cells with the 3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool app for iPads.  In addition to accessing video content, users can create their own cell image. This completely free app is full of interactive features that will complement instruction in the biology and life… Read Article →

Explore The Berlin Wall on iPads

In the Social Studies and English Language Arts classroom students can benefit from visuals and interactive text to help making meaning of the past.  The Berlin Wall HD is a free iPad app that presents informational text, primary source documents and interactive maps on the screen.  Students can tap, zoom and explore this period in history. The Berlin Wall HD is a great choice for teachers introducing this time period… Read Article →

Language Arts Activities in the Science Classroom with Science4Us

Cross-curricular experiences are essential for students of all ages.  We know from real world experience that science and literacy can go hand in hand. In addition to providing a complete K-2 science curriculum that meets Next Generation Science Standards, Science4Us integrates language arts activities that help children practice a number of literacy skills such as: understanding of the relationship and meanings of words and the ability to determine the meaning of unknown and… Read Article →