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Sphere 360 for Panoramic Picture Taking and Exploration

28 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.04.00 AM screen480x480Technology helps teachers bring the world to their classroom.  This includes virtual field trips that are accessible through mobile devices.  Sphere 360 is a very cool app that lets users take panoramic pictures from their iPhone or iPad.  If you’re traveling on a school break and plan to bring pictures back to your students, this is an awesome option.

In addition to letting users take panoramic pictures, it also gives you the option to search through collections of pictures.  Sphere 360 can help bring your students to landmarks and new places that connect to social studies projects or inspire them as writers.

Check out Sphere 360 on the App Store!

Here are two lists of favorite apps and websites you may want to explore:

9 EduApps for Animal Lovers

27 May

Educational apps can include games that engage students with content and resources that provide information on a topic.  These nine iPad apps are perfect for animal lovers of all ages.  Watch meerkats on a live video feed, learn about endangered species, and play games that feature favorite animals!

  1. Virry (animal cam)9
  2. ClassifyIt (animal exploration)
  3. Animal Math Games for Kids (math fact practice)
  4. WWF Together (endangered species)
  5. Plants by Tinybop (animals in ecosystems)
  6. Discovery Channel (video clips)
  7. Britannica Kids: Endangered Species (encyclopedia with multimedia)
  8. Science Today (iPad magazine)
  9. Marine Missions (oceans game)

Here are two more lists to explore:


History Channel Apps for Multiple Mobile Devices (from Android to Apple Watch!)

24 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.59.08 PMThe History Channel is a great resource for multimedia to share with students.  In addition to their website they have a handful of of mobile apps designed for users with access to multiple types of devices.  It’s a terrific option for classrooms with different types of tablets.  You might even share this list with students and their families so they can explore history outside of school hours.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.59.29 PMThe HISTORY app is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Windows Store,

Their travel app HISTORY HERE is great for virtual field trips and available on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store.

Ultimate History Quiz is available on the Apple App Store and for BlackBerry devices.

There are even more apps from the History Channel to check out on their website.

Check out my bundle of Common Core aligned Social Studies iPad lesson plans!

TIME Edge: Engaging Nonfiction and Digital Literacy Resource

19 May
Content_timelineStudents need experience navigating digital text and reading nonfiction.  TIME Edge is a web-based platform that is accessible through any browser on any device.  It includes engaging tools and multimedia features to take students deeper into the current events articles.   Aligned to English Language Arts standards for 7th and 8th graders, this is a terrific resource for informational text and Social Studies instruction.
Sign InTIME For Kids is a well-known K-6 classroom resource and TIME Edge extends this to middle school students exploring informational text related to current events.  Articles are written specifically for 7th and 8th grade students, with lower-level reading options for teachers looking to differentiate instruction.  TIME Edge also features Common Core-aligned assessments that highlight where students may need more support.  Teachers will also get access to the TIME Vault with over 90 years of TIME content.
Learn more about TIME Edge by visiting their website!

Tour National Parks: Virtual Field Trips on iPads

11 May

image (67)
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.11.33 AMWhether you’re planning an outdoor excursion or just want to show off the National Parks to your students, check out National Geographic‘s fantastic free app: National Parks by National Geographic.  With tons of information (and the option to upgrade for more) this app can be used for student research or virtual field trips!

It’s a great choice for students who may not be able to hike Bryce Canyon or schedule a visit to Yosemite. The photographs included in this app are absolutely breathtaking and perfect for inspiring students or all ages.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan on the Great Plains or my bundle of American History iPad lesson plans!

9 Apps for After School Programs

9 May

9 who feel limited in creativity and flexibility due to rigid curriculum can introduce engaging, educational apps into after school programming.  This part of the school day often gives students (and their teachers) more choice.

During this block of time you may want to incorporate one of these apps that promotes content creation and exploration:


MarcoPolo Weather Exploration App

1 May

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.49.36 PMscreen480x480MarcoPolo Weather is a terrific app for helping students understand weather patterns and climate.  This beautifully illustrated, fun app will let children explore weather and learn about temperature, cloud cover, and precipitation.  Students can control nine different weather conditions and access interactive mini-games.  MarcoPolo Weather can be used for whole class discussions on weather patterns, small group exploration at a science station, or as a companion to informational text.

Check out MarcoPolo Weather on the Apple App Store for iOS devices!

Visit my Syllabuy page for more ways to use mobile devices in your classroom


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