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Science4Us on the Web and App Store

26 Feb


Science4Us is a web-based science curriculum for students in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.  It
teaches science using a fun, interactive approach. In addition to digital games and online activities, there are offline experiments and hands-on projects. Teachers have access to detailed lesson plans, automated student reports and session guides to help prepare and plan.

Not only can students access content on the site, Science4Us has an iPad app in the Apple store that is free to download.  The iPad app gives users access to demos with all content available to Science4Us subscribers.  The app is designed for students and includes access to the interactive Science4Us curriculum, student Notebook and assignments.

Visit the Science4Us website to learn more!


iBook and App: Congress Creates the Bill of Rights

22 Feb

screen480x480The National Archives has lots of great resources for students including DocsTeach and Today’s Document.  They have a new iBook and iPad app called Congress Creates the Bill of Rights that is now available.  Both of these free resources include content that helps students understand the legislative process.  They include primary source documents and interactive features for students.

Kids can tap on the screen as they flip pages and explore how the United States Congress created the Bill of Rights.

The iBook can be viewed on iPads or Mac computers and the mobile app is designed for iPads.



JFK Challenge App for American History

16 Feb

screen480x480The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation has a new app for elementary and middle students called JFK Challenge.  This iPad app takes kids to the Apollo 11 mission to teach them about this period in American History.  Kids can take a spaceship to the moon as they explore this animated app.  Perfect for children curious about space travel or for teachers looking to engage students in a social studies lesson, this completely free app is worth checking out.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.05.11 PMDownload JFK Challenge from the Apple App Store for free today!

DIY Human Body for Science Activities

13 Feb

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.01.02 PMLast year I shared a fantastic free app DIY Sun Science that gives students access to lots of content to explore.  The Lawrence Hall of Science has a new app for iPads called DIY Human Body that includes informational text, activities and videos.

screen480x480-1Students can read about body systems and examine different diagrams.  There are video clips that show children what it’s like to visit a doctor’s office and give them extra information that translates best in this multimedia format.  Teachers and families can see different
experiments to try out at home or in school.

Visit the App Store to download DIY Human Body for free!

Engaging Social Studies Lessons with Drawp

16 Jan
Drawp Apollo Project draft-2 I’ve shared some of the reasons I love Drawp for School and this includes how easily it can be incorporated across the subject areas.  Social studies teachers love using Drawp as a way to inspire students to create multimedia bundles.  Not only do Drawp creations help students build an understanding of particular subjects and concepts, it’s a great opportunity for having them show what they know.
Drawp Apollo 11 ProjectHere are a few ways to use Drawp in the social studies classroom:
  • Teachers can ask students to explain a historical event with a collage of photos, drawings, voice recordings and text using Drawp
  • Students can draw a portrait of a historical figure and attach a voice recording of a quote by the person
  • Kids can collaborate on projects about history using Drawp and teachers can see the flow of work between the group
  • Students can draw timelines and include photos, drawings, labels and voice recordings
Learn more about Drawp by visiting their website or gather extra ideas for social studies lessons by checking out this post!

H&R Block Budget Challenge

7 Jan

X_bxD0DgnmCU-IZdOiPfTKsKS-otyy5CjrLIXxYUfocFinancial Literacy is essential for students working to become college and career ready.  This important real world skill can be strengthened with the online resources developed by H&R Block.  Their Budget Challenge provides a fantastic opportunity for students to learn and play for prizes including scholarships and grants. Students will encounter personal budgeting situations and asked to find the solution to problems in a real world context.  Teens will practice decision making skills as they make their way through an online simulation.

KGbfOxJJ_MrxG4ccCXIKhcihMcRJT1hkK_ZffktOtGgTeachers will love the benefit that this program has for students as well as the lessons that have been developed to support their work in the classroom.  Aligned to the national standards, H&R Block Budget Challenge is the perfect way to help students master financial literacy skills and prepare for the real world!

Learn more about this opportunity by visiting their website!

Elements 4D for Augmented Reality Chemistry

30 Dec

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 9.42.04 PM screen480x480Elements 4D by DAQRI is a fantastic app for students exploring the Periodic Table of Elements.  Using augmented reality technology, users can scan a trigger and see one of 36 elements come to life on their screen.  It’s a unique way to get children excited about science and learn important chemistry facts at the same time.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download this app for free and follow this link to download the AR triggers!

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