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Teaching social studies or science and looking for EdTech to help you teach better? I’ve reviewed hundreds of apps for social studies and apps for science teachers to use in their classrooms. Find out how you can use edTech in your classroom!

Settera Geography Map Quiz Game for iOS & Web

Seterra Geography Map Quiz Game for iOS & Web

Looking to for a map quiz to learn geography? Seterra Geography is an iOS app and online platform for students. This map quiz app is easy to use and has a wide range of maps. There are a handful of different quiz categories so students can practice identifying continents and the locations of different countries. Kids can compete with their friends as they match flags to country names and learn the… Read Article →

10 Creation Tools for Web Browsers & Chromebooks

10 Creation Tools for Web Browsers & Chromebooks

Students need to have opportunities to apply what they’ve learned and connect it to the real world. Providing students with ways to demonstrate their understanding and create content is even easier with technology tools. Students who have access to a computer with a web browser – including Chromebooks – will be able to create with the tools on this list. Thinglink lets students upload an image and add tags on top of… Read Article →

13 Tips and Tricks for Virtual Field Trips with Google Hangouts

13 Tips and Tricks for Virtual Field Trips with Google Hangouts

Earlier this month I hosted a webinar on my favorite tips and tricks for virtual field trips. These ideas work well with video conferencing services like Google Hangout, Skype and Facetime. Virtual field trips are great options when your destination is logistically or financially challenging. With a Google Hangout you can beam into different locations or bring a guest visitor to speak to your class. Students can go on a… Read Article →

6 Exciting AR Apps for Student Learning with #ScannableTech

6 Exciting AR Apps for Student Learning with #ScannableTech

Augmented reality (AR) can serve a variety of purposes in your classroom. This exciting technology layers virtual content on top of the real world, providing an opportunity for students to interact with content in a completely new way. It’s important to think of augmented reality as more than just a gimmick. Sure, it grabs students’ attention, but you want to make sure that it also sustains meaningful learning. I’ve written… Read Article →

5 New York Hall of Science Apps

5 New York Hall of Science Apps

The New York Hall of Science has five apps for iPads that are perfect for students exploring the world around them! The science apps come with lots of resources for teachers including lessons and tips. Each one is independent but all can work together to help students explore science concepts in the real world. Here are five New York Hall of Science apps: Playground Physics: Designed for middle and high school students, Playground Physics… Read Article →

3DPrint360 Classroom Printer- Bring 3D Printing to Your Classroom-min

Bring 3D Printing to Your Classroom: 3DPrint360 Classroom Printer Support

Lots of schools are exploring 3D Printing, but how do you get started? The folks at 3DPrint360 can help you find the best 3D printer for your school and support you after the delivery is made. A 3D printer can energize teaching and learning across the content areas. Students can design and create physical objects that connect to lessons in science, engineering, math, history, art and more.  ….. It’s been so… Read Article →

VIRRY's Animal Web Cam App: Teach Empathy & Life Skills

VIRRY’s Animal Web Cam App: Teach Empathy & Life Skills

Forget about cartoon animals – the VIRRY animal web cam app brings real live animals to your iPad screen. VIRRY combines high definition live and pre-recorded video to help spark students’ curiosity in wild animals. I love how this app is super interactive while incorporating information about different animals and habitats. VIRRY was created with child development experts to build a connection between children and endangered animals. One of the goals… Read Article →

History of the Olympics-2-min

4 Ways to Use Thinglink’s Virtual Reality App in Your Classroom

It has been so exciting to see the way virtual reality apps are making their way into K-12 classrooms. They give students a new way to interact with information and Thinglink’s virtual reality app is a great example of this technology in action. One of the reasons I particularly like this tool is how it works with and without a VR headset. This means it’s easy to get started without… Read Article →

7 FREE Mobile & Web Tools from the National Archives-min

7 FREE Mobile & Web Tools from the National Archives

Looking for quality, free resources for your classroom? The National Archives apps and web resources are perfect for K-12 classrooms. Teachers can access lots of primary source documents, video clips, and interactive ebooks for students. All of these resources are totally free and you’ll find tools that work on mobile devices and web browsers. National Archives Apps & Web Tools DocsTeach DocsTeach has a fantastic website (in addition to their iOS and Android apps)… Read Article →

6 Ways to Use Book Creator in Science Classrooms-min

6 Ways to Use Book Creator in Science Classrooms

I love Book Creator! It is one of my favorite tools to share with teachers when I visit schools to talk about meaningful technology integration. There are some pretty clear connections to publishing the type of student work we’re used to seeing in English Language Arts classroom. Creating a book to tell the story of a special moment and designing a comic book for an imagined fairy tale are two… Read Article →