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17 Apps for Science Experiments on iPads

17 Apps for Science Experiments: Instructions, Inspiration & Publishing Tools

I recently hosted a webinar for the folks at SimpleK12 highlighting apps teachers can incorporate into science experiments. On this list you’ll find apps that offer inspiration, include step-by-step instructions and provide a way for students to publish lab reports. Do you have a favorite? Add it to the comments section below! Science Experiments on Tablets from Monica Burns

Flocabulary Educational Hip-Hop Videos and FREE Trial 1

Flocabulary Educational Hip-Hop Videos and FREE Trial

Flocabulary is a terrific resource for teachers looking for engaging, educational videos to share with students. These hip-hop music videos present students with information on a variety of topics. A great choice for hooking students at the beginning of a lesson to grab their attention and prompt a discussion. Teachers can use these videos for review at the end of the unit or have students watch at home in a… Read Article →

Deeper Learning Cover Image

My New Book! Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m beyond excited to share with you my new book for Corwin Publishing, Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom! It’s a resource for educators looking to thoughtfully and purposefully integrate scannable technology into their learning environment. There are tales from my one-to-one classroom and stories contributed by amazing educators from around the world. Deeper Learning includes my ACES Framework for scannable technology integration,… Read Article →

Ecosystem App for iPads iBiome-Wetland Exploration

Ecosystem App for iPads: iBiome-Wetland Exploration

iBiome-Wetland is an ecosystem app for iPads that is perfect for students exploring biodiversity. With this app kids will learn about the wetland habitat and the species that live there. This app includes challenges for students and lets them build marshes and swamps. In iBiome-Wetland, Professor Bio guides students as they interact with food webs and explore wetland habitats including fresh water marsh, salt water marsh and mangrove swamp. Students will interact with a handful… Read Article →

Life Science Curriculum Rainforest Journey from EdTechLens

Life Science Curriculum: Rainforest Journey from EdTechLens

Getting students interested and excited about science concepts can stir a lifelong passion and appreciation for the world around them. Rainforest Journey is an engaging, online Life Science curriculum for students in grades K-5.  It takes students on a virtual trip to the rainforest and features vibrant images, multimedia content and nonfiction reading.   Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and New York State Science Standards, Rainforest Journey from EdTechLens can be used… Read Article →

Color Uncovered Exploratorium App Fun Facts & More 1

Color Uncovered Exploratorium App: Fun Facts & More

Color Uncovered is a very neat iPad app from the folks at Exploratorium.  It includes lots of interesting facts on color that will change the way your students think.  Providing a host of scenarios to students it discusses how many colors an iPad screen really shows and lets students examine famous art work with a new lens. Perfect for sparking conversations, Color Uncovered can also be used as a high-interest informational text… Read Article →

Space Chef iPad Healthy Eating Game

Space Chef iPad Healthy Eating Game

Space Chef is a new iPad app from the folks at the Lawrence Hall of Science designed to help students make healthy choices.  The Space Chef is a fast-paced game where students combine ingredients to make healthy meals.  With this app students will see that a handful of nutritious ingredients can come together to make a tasty meal. Space Chef introduces students to Hawaiian Turkey Sliders, Quesadilla Con Huevos and Peanut… Read Article →

HowStuffWorks App Articles, Videos and Podcasts for iOS & Android

HowStuffWorks App: Articles, Videos and Podcasts for iOS & Android

HowStuffWorks is an awesome app from the folks at  Just like the website, the HowStuffWorks app for iOS and Android gives users easy access to articles, videos, podcasts, quizzes and more.  Students and teachers can view videos or listen to podcasts straight from their mobile device.  There are also articles that provide information to readers on a variety of topics. The HowStuffWorks app is a great choice for teachers looking to… Read Article →

EdTech Spotlight: 6 TinyBop Apps

EdTech Spotlight: 6 TinyBop Apps

When searching for new apps to share with teachers I often look for updates from my favorite companies. In this post we’re highlighting the work of TinyBop, a company that has created a host of fun apps for students and teachers. Their apps provide virtual spaces for students to explore as they learn about new concepts. The Human Body This app lets students see the different systems of the body… Read Article →

Crazy Gears Play and Learn on iPads

Crazy Gears Play and Learn on iPads

Crazy Gears is an educational app from the folks behind Busy Shapes.  Children can explore gears, chains, rods and pulleys in this interactive iPad app.  Users construct machines as they notice how different combinations influence their design.  Inspired by Seymour Papert’s theory on educational technology, Crazy Gears was designed to provide students with a playful space to explore relationships between objects. The kid-friendly interface of Crazy Gears gives students an opportunity to move… Read Article →