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14 Math Edugames for Students

11 Apr

Here’s a list of 14 Math Edugames!  Whether you use these for enrichment, intervention, in stations, or simply recommend a favorite to families, you’re sure to find something to meet the needs of your students.

Have a favorite that’s not on this list? Leave a comment or send a message sharing an app that you love!

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Storm App for Weather Tracking

1 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.10.57 PMscreen480x480Bringing weather data into your classroom is a great way to make real world connections to content your students are studying.  Storm is a weather app that gives students and teachers access to lots of maps and data.  Users can search for different parts of the world thanks to Google Maps integration.  In addition to forecast data students can access maps and data layers.

Check out Storm on the Apple App Store for iPads!

Don’t forget to visit my Syllabuy page for tech-friendly lesson plans

Wonder Bunny Math Race App Series

26 Mar

Wonder_Bunny_Math_Learning_Kids_1200x627Wonder Bunny is a learning game series that covers content from preschool to third grade.  In Wonder Bunny learning games kids become teachers who help superheroes grow and learn new skills. The motivation comes from getting fun super powers and riding wacky vehicles like a flying carpet. While helping their game characters learn, kids learn math concepts and operations, all within an engaging game environment.

Wonder_Bunny_Math_Learning_1200x627Wonder Bunny series includes four math learning games for elementary school aged students. All games include thousands of math exercises and comprehensive learning analytics to monitor child’s learning.  The educational game series addresses the Common Core learning standards and each app can be downloaded individually.

Learn more about Wonder Bunny and see which app is right for your students by visiting their website!

Marble Math on Android Tablets

23 Mar

MM-emaildroidThe amazing Marble Math family of apps are now available for Android tablets and phones.  The Marble Math apps blend arcade-style gaming with problem solving, strategy, and math drills for a truly engaging and educational experience. Kids can choose to roll or drag their marble through a series of fun math mazes in pursuit of a high score. Marble Math Junior covers skills like shape recognition, and sequencing numbers, just to name a few.  Marble Math includes operations, decimals, counting money, and more. 

mm3_1024_JR_v4march2015The suite of three math practice apps are highly flexible, offering a wide range of Common Core-aligned math concepts to target learning for kids ages 5-12. Parents and teachers can create multiple user accounts and customize style of play, skill sets, and levels for each player.

Marble Math (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon) and Marble Math Junior (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon) debut at $2.99 each, and Marble Math Lite: Multiplication is free to download (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon)!

OctoPlus iPad Math Game

22 Mar
ImageOverlay2OctoPlus is a new iPad math game geared towards young children and students working towards grade level proficiency.  It reinforces key addition skills with interactive games.  In the Parent Zone adults can monitor their child’s progress to keep track of what they’ve accomplished.  There is even a reward system (also known as the OctoStore) where students can redeem the points that they have earned.
Photo Feb 07, 7 54 46 AMKeeping students engaged when practicing math facts can be a challenge but OctoPlus works to help students stay interested and on task.  This app covers skills outlined in the Common Core State Standards making it great for stations in the classroom or extra practice at home.  OctoPlus addresses the needs of a wide range of children including students with special needs.  It is switch-accessible and designed to improve visual attention, timing, coordination and control.
Visit the Apple App Store to learn more about OctoPlus!

Mathspace: Step-by-Step Math Handwriting for iPad

17 Mar

Mathspace2Students can now show every line of their math work on iPad and other tablets, writing all their steps by hand on screen. Mathspace digitizes each handwritten line and grades it automatically, giving students immediate, formative feedback at every step of the way – like having a teacher at their side. This is a huge step forward from multiple choice or single-input response math questions that most students and teachers are used to seeing on digital platforms.

Mathspace1Available for Grades 6 through Algebra II, Mathspace’s powerful adaptive engine selects questions tailored to a student’s ability, creating a personalized learning path. Teachers no longer grade work, and have diagnostic tools pinpointing where their students and classes have conceptual difficulties. With over 12,000 interactive questions, instructional videos and lessons, and a points-based incentive system Mathspace makes it easy to keep students engaged.

Learn more by watching this video or download the app for free!

Creature Caretaker for Critical Thinking

14 Mar

IMG_9607Happy Pi Day! GlassLab is an innovative company that has developed a new game that helps build students’ critical thinking and proportional reasoning skills.  With Creature Caretaker students receive instruction and feedback on finding unit rates and using proportional reasoning to keep their creatures happy. Designed for grades 5-8, Creature Caretaker can also be played by younger students ready for a challenge, or older students in need of review.

IMG_9650GlassLab is hosting a field study and they are looking for teachers and students to participate.  Students must be in grades 5-8, have a basic understanding of multiplication and division, commit 2.5-3.5 hours over a half dozen session, and available April 6-17, 2015.  The only technology they need is a Chrome browser on PCs or Macs (computers or laptops).

If you and your students are interested in participating, please send them your info as soon as possible to reserve a spot in the field study!

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