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Splash Math Summer Program: Summer Slide Prevention

15 Jun

Summer Slide InfographicAs teachers and families kick off summer vacation it’s important to think about how students will continue to grow their skills over their break from school.  Splash Math offers an online summer program designed to help students maintain their math gains and prepare for the upcoming school year.  Their award winning eight week review program includes a Common Core aligned diagnostic assessment before and during the program and a personalized practice schedule for each student based on the diagnostic assessment.

Students will review skills from their current grade and practice key skills from the grade they’re entering in the fall.  It is designed so students can work through activities for just ten minutes a day and move through the program. Once they finish up the program students are awarded a certificate of completion.  Teachers can sign up their students or families can sign up their children individually

Summer PostLearn more about Splash Math’s summer program for teachers and families by visiting their website!

Todo Math for the Classroom: FREE Trial Offer

26 May
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.39.58 PMTodo Math is a fantastic iPad app that supports Common Core Math instruction.  It includes exercises and activities to help students master pre-Kindergarten through second grade math skills.  This iPad app has bright and colorful features that will grab the attention of young learners and support them as they work to master math content.
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.39.27 PMTodo Math for the Classroom just launched earlier this month.  They are offering a FREE 60-day trial offer to teachers interested in trying out this app with their students.  It includes access to all Todo Math content for free and access to the web-based Teacher Dashboard.  The Teacher Dashboard is an online management tool that helps you monitor and easily manage up to 30 students at once.
Learn more about Todo Math for the Classroom and their free trial by visiting this website!

Free Online Program for Math and English from PracTutor

18 May

unnamedThis summer PracTutor is offering their online curriculum completely free for students.  This personalized curriculum includes a diagnostic pre-test that measures current learning levels and customizes a learning path for every student.  This summer your students can practice Math and English skills through various question types, manipulatives, and videos with scaffolds and support.

unnamed-1Families can save up to $60 this summer by accessing PracTutor for free.  It includes unlimited practice to master national standards and real-time reports.  Keeping students on task during the summer can be a challenge.  Children can extend their studies through the summer months by dedicating a set amount of time each week to practicing important Math and English skills.

Visit PracTutor’s website to learn more about their free summer program!

No More Rubber Bands: Virtual Geoboard App Update

6 May

screen480x480TScreen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.22.08 PMhere are so many tools I used as a student that are now available virtually on iPads.  One fabulous free app that fits into this category is the Geoboard.  Forget about rubber bands snapping around your classroom.  The virtual geoboard has everything you need to teach polygons, area, scaling and symmetry.  From changing colors, overlaying figures and annotating the screen, it’s full of great features for your math classroom!

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan and lesson plan bundle using this app!

This is also available in the Windows Store and on the Web.

MyScript Calculator with Handwriting Recognition to Solve Problems

3 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.13.49 PMThere are lots of apps that caScreen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.13.32 PM“wow” a crowd and MyScript Calculator is definitely one of them.  Write an equation (simple or complex) onto your screen and the app will use handwriting recognition software to solve the problem.  This fantastic free app can be used by students to check their work, especially order of operations.  If you’ve tried this app before update to the most recent version to access all of their great features.  You’ll need to try it to believe it!

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans for using math apps in the classroom! 

Read this post in Spanish! for Common Core Educational Resources

20 Apr

OpenEd logo is the world’s largest K-12 educational resource library and contains over a million assessments, homework assignments, videos, games and lesson plans.  Teachers can access content that is aligned to every Common Core Math, Language Arts, Literacy and Next Generation Science standard. It lets users easily find and assign resources from OpenEd’s pre-built lesson plans (lists of videos, assessments and homework) for every grade level and subject — and they can modify these lesson plans or create their own. While the vast majority of resources are free, OpenEd also offers a Premium Subscription of proprietary content from major educational publishers for just $9.95/month.

You might be familiar with OpenEd’s free app Common Core Quest, which is available for Apple, Android and Chrome. It allows students to take quizzes to demonstrate mastery of Common Core Math and English Language Arts skills and earn badges for each category. When students don’t achieve mastery, the app recommends videos and games to learn the precise micro-concepts they are struggling with. The net result is universal personalized learning for each student.

Learn more about by visiting their website!

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